Prices in Ukraine jumped to a record of what happened “this has never happened before”

Цены в Украине рекордно подскочили: что произошло, «такого не было никогда»

A record spike in the price of the beloved Ukrainians product

Thus, potato prices in the current season has reached its historical maximum – 20-25 hryvnia per kilogram.

Experts explain this by the fact that the projected harvest this year, less writes

“Market players are established by the bad crop of potatoes, and also predict lower yields of late varieties. This year the harvesting of early potatoes has started later than usual. Now a limited supply of domestic potatoes the market was compensated by imported goods,” – said the expert.

Цены в Украине рекордно подскочили: что произошло, «такого не было никогда»

It is noted that this year the yield is worse due to weather conditions

“Not just talking about the lower yields of early and medium varieties of potatoes and a half times the previous year. That is why in the summer we saw record high prices for these products,” she said.

However, over the last week, potato prices have already started to decline. Perhaps in the future, Ukrainians should expect a seasonal drop in prices and a slowdown in imports, as in the active phase are now harvesting late varieties of Ukrainian potatoes.

Previously Sabalos that Ukraine until the end of 2019 will increase prices for basic food products – milk, meat, bread, vegetables. The rate of inflation in the country said the head of the National Council of economic development Alexey Doroshenko.
According to experts, the inflation rate in September will rise, but the rise in price of products will not be significant because “more expensive is nowhere”.

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“Dairy production will go up to the end of the year on average by 4% compared to the present day. White and brown bread will rise in price percent to 6. They are one of the leaders of the price increase,” he said.

Цены в Украине рекордно подскочили: что произошло, «такого не было никогда»

“Meat is growing this year quite small rate. Only 1% has increased due to the fact that demand is low. Despite the fact that nominally we get more and more, in fact I can’t afford meat. This is constraining the demand, and the meat will rise in price on 1,5-2% until the end of the year, with consumer inflation of 3-3. 5% from September to December,” predicted Doroshenko.

Recall that the second stage of monetization of subsidies in may and what will change for Ukrainians.

As Politeka wrote, the output of Ukrainians in retirement in new ways, the court rendered a historic decision.

Also Politeka reported that the Ukrainians told what to do with the subsidy.