Presenter Poroshenko called three bad words: “Little ***”

Известный ведущий назвал Порошенко тремя нехорошими словами: «Немножко ***»

The famous TV presenter and journalist Savik Shuster spoke about his attitude to Poroshenko

He told this in an interview

To a journalist’s question, what are the three main qualities in the current President of Ukraine, Shuster replied briefly and clearly:

“Avaricious, vindictive, and a little fat.”

Известный ведущий назвал Порошенко тремя нехорошими словами: «Немножко ***»

Recall that a famous TV presenter Savik Shuster, who recently announced the return to Ukraine and start a new talk show and shared his thoughts on the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, who lost the election showman Vladimir Zelensky

“The fact that Poroshenko lost, makes me happy, because people understand who he is. And the people got faster than me… Because I don’t fully understand this man… Peter is very talented, very capable President, but he should not lead the state. Anything he can manage… Because when you’re running government, you have to think about people, he only thinks about himself,” said Schuster.

Известный ведущий назвал Порошенко тремя нехорошими словами: «Немножко ***»

The presenter commented on the introduction Petro Poroshenko martial law in late 2018, when he said the threat of a full-scale invasion from Russia.

“Martial law, which began in late November and ended a month later, showed us that this person is not credible. Why? Because he does everything for the sake of winning elections. Not for the people, for the sake of security, not for the sake of something else… “I will fight with Putin…” how Well Putin you’re going to fight?! Stop playing the fool – you talk to him three times a day… People lost respect for him. And when you cease to respect the President, that’s a problem. What should have been done by the President at the time? He had to explain to people where the threat is, where the danger is, why he did it, why in these 10 areas, the reason he backed off during a debate in Parliament… He was not quite sincere. Martial law is a serious thing, is war. People live in conditions of war. He’s nobody explained why and why did. To disrupt the elections? Are not disrupted,” says Schuster.

“If I had the opportunity to interview Peter, I would have told him that I wanted to talk about Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk. This is important to me and I think for the people of Ukraine, too. That’s question number one: what happened, why it happened, why you decided to hold the parade, who needed it? I don’t understand”

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