Preparing the garden for winter. How to whitewash the trees in the fall

One of the important procedures for preparing the garden for winter and autumn whitewashing of trees. This is the procedure on the eve of winter contributes to the increase in yield in the following year.

Підготовка саду до зими. Як і чим побілити дерева восени

How to whitewash the trees in the fall

Why do we need to whitewash fruit trees

So, what is needed whitewashing, if not for beauty? So, white trunks look very nice. However, the main goal is quite different, at least to those gardeners who really take care of your garden and understand what is needed. First of all, is to say that whitewashing refers to the measures fall preparing the garden for winter. As we know trees to be treated against pests, feed, trim and naturally whiten, informs Rus.Media.

The main objectives pursued in the process of the autumn whitewash:

  1. Due to the special composition fails to protect fruit trees, like from overheating, and from exposure to sunlight in the winter. Because the sun is not as harmless as it may seem.
  2. The solution destroys the microorganisms that reside under the bark of a tree, which positively affects the yield.
  3. Deter rodents, especially young seedlings.

When blanching

Important point – the time of the whitewash. The question is relevant especially for novice gardeners. In fact, the trees can provide such protection not only in winter but also in spring and summer. Since the main aim – protection of the garden, so the more effective is the autumn applying the whitewash. As for the timing, then in the fall they be in October-November. The event are performed, after completely the leaves fell, but frost has not yet arrived. The weather should be dry, the temperature is positive, to avoid freezing Blasio solution.

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Can develop and such situation when, for some reason, autumn has failed to process the trees. In this case, the procedure carried out in the spring as soon as temperatures allow it, then there should be not below +4C. If the spring Blasi layer simply updated, the timeframe for these works – March-April. In addition, prior to whitewashing the trees in winter you need to prepare them.

How to prepare trees for the application of the solution

First of all, is cleaned – clean as the trunk and branches. Need to get rid of all loose bark, lichens and mosses. Previously under the tree, is to lay a plastic film to all the material removed, could be removed. No need for the cleaning to use any special tools like for example, some suggest using a wire brush. You can just wear thick gloves and a force of hands to conduct the procedure. If you want to clean the groove in the barrel, it will be enough to take a wooden stick.

So the wood we cleared. The presence of cracks and wounds they need to cover. You can use the var or garden clay mash. For these purposes, there are contemporary pastas, such as Rannet. Now the processing of trees is disinfection, which can be used by different tools. It is necessary that in the next few days the weather was favorable – in case of rain, all efforts will be in vain.

For treatment you can use:

  1. Solution based on ash and soap. You will need 50 g of soap and 2 kg of ash. Bred components in 10 liters of hot water. Next, moisten a piece of cloth in the composition and daubed them in the trunk and lower branches.
  2. Ash lye. Again, you need ash (2 kg) and a bucket of water. Fall asleep Ash in a bucket of water, wait until it boils, set aside and wait for cooling and settling. Ash lye water. It is necessary to strain and dilute 1:2 with water. This solution is treated trees.
  1. Trees sprayed with copper – or iron-containing preparations. This can be copper or iron sulfate. For spraying diluted in 10 l of water 600 g of the drug and treated trees. The spraying should be fine, so the solution settled on the bark.
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Important: if the annual processing needs a change of the applied compounds, since the accumulation of drugs in the soil, and also in the bark of trees. As a result, the tree can not only weaken, but also to die.

When processing trees, be sure to observe safety measures: use a respirator, gloves and goggles.

Composition for whitewashing

Options actually a lot: vodnodispersnaya or latex paint, whitewash or chalk. While some believe that Mel is unsuitable for these purposes. Very good results showing water-dispersed paint, because its layer is breathable and reflects ultraviolet light.

Examples of the solutions:

Part 1

  • water-10 liters;
  • copper sulphate 500 g;
  • lime 2.5 kg;
  • casein glue 200 g

Part 2

  • water-10 liters;
  • copper sulphate 300 g;
  • clay fat 1kg
  • hydrated lime 2.5 kg.

It is important that the mixture was not liquid and not thick – it should resemble the consistency of sour cream. The thickness of the layer of whitewash should be about 2-3 mm.

Young trees whitewash or not

Opinions in this matter differ again. Some gardeners against taking this point of view that the whitewash can damage young bark, causing burns. However, avoiding treatment, may be caused much more damage. It is possible to reduce the concentration of lime in half, to use a solution based on chalk, or not to use acrylic or latex paint. The whitewashing of young trees is recommended only before the start of the branches.

Conclusion: young trees need to whitewash, especially if they were planted in the fall.

How to whitewash

The height of the whitewash.

Listening to the opinion of experienced gardeners, to apply the solution you need. At least to the height of the arm. Necessarily cover a part of the trunk and lower boughs a third of their length.

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Which tool to choose?

For whitewash, you can use a brush or sprayer. In most cases, it is the brushwork better. If your garden is large, work a sprayer.

How to apply?

Before you start an autumn whitewash, it is necessary to remove the ground from the tree trunk to the solution were applied below ground level at 3-4 cm After drying the earth return to the place.

Having done all the above procedure for the preparation and whitewashing the trees in the autumn, your fruit plants is survive the winter and will certainly repay a great harvest.

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