Preparing for pregnancy: advice to the expectant mother

Preparing for pregnancy is an important step and an investment in the healthy future of the whole family.

Підготовка до вагітності: поради майбутній мамі

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it was easy, it is better to plan ahead. Some good habits before conception can help to have a healthy baby, informs Rus.Media.

You need to change your diet, stop Smoking, more to be outdoors. In the material we will cover some important aspects that relate to women’s health. Psychological training is no less important.

To overcome fears, there are even schools for future mothers. They are open for female consultations and maternity homes. You can also read special literature, magazines, visit forums, where women who wish to have children in the near future.

The change in lifestyle when planning a pregnancy

Here is what recommends to draw the attention of the obstetrician-gynecologist of the network of centres of assisted reproduction and genetics Trubina Tatyana.

  • A way of life. You should completely refuse from harmful habits. No cigarettes and alcohol. The fact that nicotine and alcohol disrupt blood circulation in the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Health. We need to eliminate the threat of infection, this complete gynecological examination. Many sexually transmitted diseases occurring without symptoms, especially mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, human papilloma virus. Be sure to check for viral hepatitis and HIV. The majority of infections are treatable.
  • It is important to take vitamins and minerals, especially folic acid.
  • A man is screened for the presence of sexually transmitted disease you have back.
  • Be sure to leave a urine sample to check kidney health.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) will tell you all about the condition of the heart.
  • But the herb must be careful. For example, wanting to prevent colds in early pregnancy, some women drink Echinacea, and it causes miscarriages.
  • Constant weight is better to hold it for 3 months before pregnancy, avoiding its sharp fluctuations in the direction of increase or decrease.
  • 3 months before conception is necessary to remove the IUD (intrauterine device).
  • Add in the diet of fresh fruits and cereals and get him a strong coffee and wine, canned food. Useful for the mother of green vegetables, liver, beans, tomatoes and milk.
  • Less nervous, less engaged in heavy physical labor, work in hazardous industries contraindicated, try to change it.
  • But the morning exercises will be very useful. Need before pregnancy to pay special attention to the abdomen, press. It is proven that in women with normal waist fertility above. The ideal ratio waist-thigh – 0.8 and below.
  • Limit time on the computer.
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The best age for pregnancy planning – 20 to 30 years. Experts say that after 35 years, the risk of hereditary diseases the child develops.

Some of the drugs that you want to cancel in preparation for pregnancy

Consult your doctor if you take:

  • Drugs lithium.
  • Streptomycin.
  • Tetracycline.
  • Gentamicin.

When you can talk about infertility

If it’s been more than a year after you started to plan a pregnancy exam that includes checking hormonal levels and patency of the fallopian tubes. Men selling sperm is a special study that will show the number and motility of sperm cells.

There is also the factor of infertility, as psychology. If you are worried that you can not conceive if you are constantly under stress, then pregnancy will not. So the best advice is to relax. Do not focus on the child in the first year of marriage, just lead a healthy way of life. When preparing for pregnancy after 40 years will have its challenges, but there’s no impossible. Just fertility with age becomes lower, and chronic diseases – more.

Dangerous period for the fetus – ninth week of pregnancy. Some diseases are associated with the continued development of the pregnancy. In many countries in the early stages the fetus is not saved. If you have had a miscarriage, take seriously the planning of the child.

If the doctor prescribed you vitamins – do not take them yourself. In General, on the eve of pregnancy is best not to self-medicate. Some drugs not only cause miscarriages – many medications cause a baby is born with defects.

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Your weight and preparing for pregnancy, exercise during the planning

Normal weight gain during pregnancy – 8-20 kg. And is a decent load on the body. Therefore it is better to normalize it in advance. Eliminate from your diet the buns and fast food. Underweight expectant mother affects fertility – in lean women more often cycles without ovulation.

If you are already pregnant, attend special classes, where you learn how to breathe correctly. Very useful swimming. It relieves stress on the joints and spine, which grows in this period. Give birth easy help of strong back muscles and pelvic floor. For training last invented Kegel exercises. Their convenience is that you can engage in anywhere: at work, walking, public transport and driving. Pelvic floor muscles we can’t see, but they take an active part in childbirth. You will be better to feel them. A bonus can be improved sensations during sexual intercourse with a man.

Do not forget that more often with scoliosis, slouch and hernias experienced by people having weak abs. And of course, the higher your weight, the harder it will have joints, back and relations. Wearing a special brace will help you carry your pregnancy much easier. If the doctor was allowed to practice yoga.

Chronic diseases and pregnancy preparation

If you have hypertension, diabetes, kidney stones and other chronic disease – visit a doctor. He will choose treatment that is compatible with pregnancy. Pay attention to your teeth. During pregnancy they can also be treated just a doctor will help you choose safe anesthesia. X-ray of the teeth is better to postpone until the period of lactation. In order not to lose teeth during pregnancy, pre-enrich the diet products with calcium.

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If before pregnancy was problems with the joints – visit orthopedist-traumatologist, astrology or rheumatologist. You will be given supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin – they strengthen the cartilage. Arthritis therapy is selected very carefully, when it comes to pregnancy. Many drugs are contraindicated, or significantly reduced their dosage. All this should be decided by the doctor. Self-medication is absolutely not allowed for women in “interesting position”. Pay attention to your eyes. Most often in myopia and glaucoma, the ophthalmologist may recommend vaginal birth, and cesarean.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV infection, be especially careful. In this case, you need a comprehensive assessment of the body, activity of the virus. So, the risk of infecting the child exists but it is minimal. But 20 years ago about how to let a woman with HIV is pregnant, and speech could not be. In women with HIV the risk of premature birth is slightly higher, and to bear them in specialized hospitals. If the father is HIV-positive, doctors can offer sperm washing. You can also consider the variant of fertilization with the sperm donor-a relative of the husband.

Start preparing for pregnancy is best for 3 months before conception. But only 10% of couples planning a pregnancy. Avoid this error. If possible, it is best to plan pregnancy at the beginning of the summer. So the child will get more nutrients from seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Did you know?

Most useful when preparing for pregnancy eat fruits that grow in your region. From the exotic and imported should be abandoned. They are of little use to the body. And some fruits may be allergic.

Pregnancy is a serious hormonal changes. This time, the positive stress, which can trigger many diseases. There are very few diseases where not allowed to become pregnant because it is almost always possible to find such a therapy is available illnesses, which is not contraindicated for expectant mothers.

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