Prepare an interesting party for kids on Halloween

A few tips on how to arrange an interesting holiday for children on Halloween.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

What you need to Halloween for children managed? Delicious food, fun entertainment and competitions. But the main thing is the desire of parents to celebrate Halloween by staging a party for their children. Some parents prefer to ignore this holiday. All sorts of fears and horrors, and without very much in our lives, therefore, they believe that the monsters and other characters with scary faces can frighten the child, informs Rus.Media.

Provide not too intimidating to delve into the topic, and make Halloween for children is a real cause for joy. Borrow only some, not very scary paraphernalia. To make with kids crafts, cook something delicious in the style of Halloween, dressing up in costumes, and most importantly to play different games.

Preparing for Halloween: DIY

To do without the pumpkin, we will not succeed. All the same, the pumpkin is the main symbol of not only Halloween, but of autumn. Pick a pumpkin, preferably with a thin peel, and get to work! Don’t want to cut the face of evil – and not necessary. Make a smiling pumpkin or make patterned Jack-o-lanterns.

Armed with a marker, the better water-based so it’s easy to erase, pick a pumpkin and draw on it any face or pattern. Keep in mind that the cut will have a normal sharp knife, so try to avoid too small parts.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Little faces can be made from Mandarin and thread. To do this, of wool fiber bundle and stick it on the fruit. Marker add eyes and mouth.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Want to really scare your guests? Pour in a jar of normal tea and lower back cauliflower. Pickled brain is ready!

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

If you actively collect on the walk, the fallen leaves, you can use it for applications. The subject does not have to be terrifying.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Meals on Halloween

Lunch can also be turned into an exciting experience, preparing Halloween specials. To do this, encourage your child to participate in cooking. Of course, the baby to be intriguing. A magical lunch or dinner, needs to look unusual. Get creative and make meals special, or use our recipes for Halloween.

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Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Instead of the usual forks-spoons have the children of the original Nightingale devices. You can also make with your child.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Games on Halloween

The main part of entertainment is games. No cooking, no creative work on the crafts do not replace the fun games. Best of all, if you come to visit peers of your child. You will certainly have to try, but the kids will love it. We offer several games that you can play all saints day.

Ghost hunt

To play you need a handkerchief. For a start you have to choose the hunter’s Ghost. He needs to tie his eyes with a handkerchief. The others are ghosts. They dance around hunter, and the hunter tries to grab them. If he succeeds, the caught a Ghost plaintive moans and wails. If a hunter found out the Ghost’s voice called his name – they change roles. However, if hunter guessed wrong, he should try his luck with another caught by the player.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

A wisp

To play you will need a flashlight and music. All participants sit in a circle. The light in the room turned off, one of the players is given into the hands of the burning torch. Should play soft music, better something fascinating. Wandering light (flashlight) is passed from one player to another until, until the music stopped. The player, who at this time was the wandering light, is eliminated. The game continues until, until one player remains, he wins.

Sinister pouch

To play you will need a bag (preferably canvas), filled with various items. Better if they are divnim or not very pleasant to the touch (dried, wet sponge, dried vegetables). But they should be safe, not sharp, not cutting.

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All players sit in a circle. A leading pumps sinister atmosphere, terrible voice telling the story of the bag. For example, the pouch could be donated by a Ghost or inherited an old witch. The first player reaches into the bag, finds the subject (but never takes it) and tells a terrible story about the subject (not knowing that he is holding in hand really). After finishing the story and intimidate others in the audience, he pulls the object out of the bag and finds out what he said really. Then the hand in the pouch triggers the next player.

The main character

Based on the name of Halloween, make the letter “X” as basic in this game. The owner sits at a table and unexpectedly asks one of the guests a question: “Who?”. Party meets necessarily with the letter “X”. For example, the hamster. The next question to another player: “Which one?”. Answer: “Bad”. Question: “What does?”. Answer: “Wants”. Etc. the Game is funny and educational quick response.


You’ll need: lemon juice, pieces of paper, thin brush, lamp. With this game you can make a strong impression on kids! It looks as if you could foresee their future. First, we need to prepare.

Write on slips of paper a few words with a brush dipped in lemon juice. Some write a digit, in other words: “Yes”, “no” and “maybe.” Put the Slips of paper in a certain way in the stack (those with numbers in one, and those with words in another).

Magic crystal ball will serve as your lamp you put it on the table. We now turn to the game itself. Ask guests to ask you a question. If the question requires answers “Yes”, “no” and “maybe”, then you take a piece of paper from one pile and put it close to the lamp.

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After a while the invisible font is manifested and your guests in awe! If the question involves a number in response (e.g., what grade will I get next time in math?), then just take a piece of paper from another stack and show it.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

Dance of the witches

You will need: broom (instead, you can use a broom, a MOP, etc.), music. The participants stand in a circle with the broom. When the music is on, the witch starts a fun dance and pass out of the hands of the broom in hand. And a witch whose broom turns after the music stops, disconnects from the game (without the broom). The winner is the one who eventually will be one dance with a broom.

Worms and eye of the witch

You will need: cardboard box, black scarf (to close the box), dish, grapes or cooked pasta. First you have to cut a hole in the box (about that size, so you can stick your hand). Then in the box put the plate, all this is covered with a black scarf. Lie on a plate, for example, pasta. Then you tell you a scary story that they are worms and are offering them to check. The same can be done with grapes. Before that, of course, we need to remove the skin that he was slimy. Tell the players that the eyes of the witches.

Готуємо цікаву вечірку для дітей на Хеллоуїн

A terrible curse

You have to think and say the most terrible and Kolonaki blood spell. Moreover, this spell does not have to contain meaningful words or phrases, it can be any set of letters, but it is quite unpleasant sound. And, of course, you will need to explain to others what this spell does.

A terrible howl

The participants in turn emit a terrible scream (whine, moan). The one who got the most wild and horrible scream will be declared the winner and gets a prize.

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