Preparation fertilizing of the egg shell.

Preparation fertilizing of the egg shell.

Приготування підживлення з яєчної шкаралупи.

To grow a beautiful plant, he must constantly take care to find a decent place, to water, to loosen the earth, wipe with a damp cloth leaves, informs Rus.Media.

One of the main roles for rapid growth and abundant flowering plays fertilizing.

At home it can be prepared from different components, including from the eggshell.

How to prepare

Before you can use egg shells as fertilizer, it is necessary to properly prepare.

For this purpose, it is removed from the film, well-washed protein residues. Washed the shells well dried in a warm place.

After about 4 days she is completely dry, it is crushed in a coffee grinder, pestle, or simply with a rolling pin.

If the shell is not used immediately, store it in a paper bag or a glass container with a lid.

How to use

The shell as feed can be used in several ways:

Water the plant with a solution, present on the shell

To do this, 1 Cup of pounded shells pour 1 liter of warm water, to insist 2 weeks in a cool place.

The solution is periodically agitated. After 2 weeks, the infusion is filtered, and they watered the flowers are not

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