Pregnancy brain: what brings the expectation of the child

Беременный мозг: до чего доводит ожидание ребенка

Canadian scientists have conducted studies and found out how the pregnancy is affecting the woman’s brain

A study on “pregnancy brain” was conducted by scientists from the University of Toronto in Canada.

They determined that changes in the cerebral cortex of women, and in particular, one of the layers of gray matter are formed as a result of his brain with the brain of the baby.

As a result of the changes expectant mothers during pregnancy become more forgetful and emotional. The level of concentration women is reduced given its constant concern with the problems of the baby.

In the brain of pregnant women recorded signals coming from the brain of the fetus. Also recorded the reaction on them of a woman’s brain, and these signals and the response change from early pregnancy along with the growth of the child.

The researchers examined in the course of its work, the brain 39 participants in the experiment. The age of patients ranged from 22 to 39 years. Changes were recorded in all, but their degree varies.

The scientists intend to continue research. The researchers also argue that mothers, who during pregnancy experienced a more severe reaction to signals of a brain of the kid, subsequently, was more attached to the unborn child.

As previously reported, the psychologists explain what a “false pregnancy”. In this state the woman believes that she is pregnant, although in reality it is not. About the intricacies of this phenomenon, says behavioral psychologist Sergei flails in Instagram.

The woman feels all the signs, except of a fetus in the womb: nausea, vomiting in the morning; the disappearance of the menstruation, breast engorgement, secretion of colostrum; growth of the abdomen (due to swelling, not growth of the uterus); and sometimes a false sense of fetal movements, and in the absence of timely diagnosis — even a sense of “collisions” in the proposed date of “birth.” According to the psychologist, such an interesting situation in women are not rare.

Беременный мозг: до чего доводит ожидание ребенка

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