Precautions for barbecue

faut-prendre-precautions-lors-utilisation(Sherbrooke) A propane tank can not explode without reason, says Danny Robitaille, Chief Fire Prevention Division at the City of Sherbrooke.

“It must be exposed to a flame of fire and overheating it so it explodes. Sometimes one can find the cylinder 200 feet away. ”

“Most often, it is because a person lacks gas kitchen while she and it changes the cylinder without closing the controls. When she opens the valves again, there is an accumulation, and that’s when it’s dangerous, “he said, while La Tribune questioned after fire Orford occurred Sunday.

Robitaille said that if there is a problem with such equipment, it is imperative to contact the fire department.

It can be dangerous to use a propane cylinder, but with precautions, the risk of accidents decreases significantly.

Measures to comply

Three basic guidelines to ensure the safety of people near a barbecue are to be considered. “You have to do a leak test. By putting soapy water on the supply hose and fittings, we can see if there are leaks since the water will bubble “continues Mr. Robitaille. He says he simply tighten the connections but if the problem persists, call a specialist.

The positioning of the barbecue is also important for safety. An open, airy stable and is ideal to avoid the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The use is also a very important part in prevention. “There is a series of precise movements to turn on and off the barbecue safely,” adds Danny Robitaille.

“We must first open the barbecue lid, slowly open the gas cylinder valve to the maximum, making flame ignition and finally slowly open a gas control commands. ”

Just do the opposite operation to extinguish safely cooking tool.

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