“Pray for Zaitseva, she is innocent”: the scandalous case happened what everybody was afraid of

«Молитесь за Зайцеву, она невиновна»: в скандальном деле случилось то, чего боялись все

The main defendants in the case of resonant road accident on Sumskaya in Kharkov, Gennady Dronova and Alyona Zaitseva, left the detention, and the case continues to delay, write Facts.

On 24 July, the court extended the arrest of the suspects for another 60 days. And although they are in two, the daughter of the Kharkov businessman, Alyona Zaitseva, considered to be the main culprit of the tragedy.

In social networks actively discussing the fact that Zaitsev allegedly want to “cover up”. That is why quite a simple matter to investigate for so long.

Besides, the lawyers were trying to procure Zaitseva house arrest, freeing her from custody. Supposedly stay behind a lattice threatens the life of the suspect.

At the same time, the fact that Zaitsev sitting in jail, looks like fiction. This is not tired to write in social networks, paying attention to a rather good-looking girls.

The flames were fanned by information that Zaitsev allegedly seen near a hospital without handcuffs and escort and surrounded by friends.

Another point, which is actively discussed in the network, is that in the case of an accident lost a key witness. In Kharkov, disappeared expert Elena Fedirko.

“Elena Fedirko wanted not filed. Police by order of the court was to deliver a witness to court. It was not a forced drive. Arrived at the address. House expert was not. Maybe she went to the market, could have gone to the sea. This was notified to the court. There is such a procedure, there are rules. If the judge deems that Fedirko is a very important witness and it must deliver at all costs, witnesses will be to find. Until the filing of her missing,” said police.

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It Fedirko was the only expert who saw the post immediately after the accident. Besides, she could visually determine the status of a suspect in appearance. Fedirko could indicate whether Zaitseva under the influence of anything at the time of the accident.

We also learned that the families of the victims of the accident were offered money in the amount of up to one hundred thousand hryvnia. But most of the victims from the money refused. One of the victims took 50 thousand hryvnias from Zaitseva because, in her words, “no doctor can say that all will be well.”

Something happened that everyone was afraid of. Because Zaitsev is trying to “cover up” in all possible ways, not disdaining any methods.

For example, immediately after the accident in the forbidden Ukrainian network Vkontakte, a special group set up by relatives of the victims. But soon there began to appear comments from supporters Zaitseva. And now comments from them much more than the families of the victims.

They write that supposedly Zaitsev to be innocent and ask to pray for her. Who has gathered for girls of such impressive “support group” is not clear.

The following session on the case of a fatal accident in Kharkiv will be held on July 31. Will listen to expert testimony and to question the second defendant — Gennady Dronova.

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