PQ: Lisee attack the Liberals and put the referendum on the ice

jean-francois-lisee(Quebec) The PQ should address first in the seizure of power before achieving independence, “in that order,” suggests Jean François Lisée, which will today join the race to succeed Pierre Karl Peladeau.

On his Facebook page, he confirmed Monday morning the information of La Presse : no question for him to hold a referendum on sovereignty in a first mandate of the Parti Quebecois. In that sense, it differs from the start of his two known opponents, Alexandre Cloutier and Véronique Hivon, more evasive when questioned on the referendum agenda.

“The Parti Quebecois has an essential task: to make Quebec independence. When? As fast as possible. He is now an immediate task of ridding Quebec of the most toxic Liberal government we’ve had, “says Lisee.

He promises to defend activists that this strategy “seems adequately respond to these questions. So allow Quebecers to leave the liberal quasi-monopoly of power and independence provide a clear path, concrete and mobilizing towards the success of our project. ”

“The (or) choose that leader of the PQ members this fall will have only 24 months before the election of 2018. Does anyone believe that any of the candidates could achieve in two years what Jacques Parizeau four years to prepare? Not me, “says the former adviser to the late PQ premier.

Mr. Parizeau, he recalls, stated in 2005: “It determines a referendum date when ready. Currently they [PQ] are not. It is fine to have one point they prepare. Why, when I took office in 1994, I said during the campaign: “If you elect me, there will be a referendum on sovereignty within eight or ten months?” Because it was four years we were packing. ”

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