Powerful meteomar will cover the Earth very soon, will amaze absolutely everyone: how to protect yourself

Мощный метеоудар накроет Землю совсем скоро, поразит абсолютно всех: как уберечься

On 1 September the Earth will be covered peak of a powerful magnetic storm of level G1

About the new meteodata warned the specialists of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN, writes Glavred.

It is emphasized that on a standard scale NOAA (national atmospheric administration, USA), a storm of class 1 is able to influence the energy system.

Known to strengthen the body before magnetic storms help three main factors: healthy sleep, reducing stress, and proper nutrition.

Мощный метеоудар накроет Землю совсем скоро, поразит абсолютно всех: как уберечься

Doctors also suggest a few days before the beginning of the magnetic storms to exclude from the diet sweet and fried – this food affects the metabolism, can thicken the blood and reduce stress.

During magnetic storms “strays” hormones, and the habit of going to bed after 2 a.m. and a lot to use the gadgets only exacerbates the problem.

Doctors pay attention to the fact that most on geomagnetic fluctuations react to melatonin, adrenaline and cortisol, and call every day to work on their health.

Note that according to psychologist Irina Cuevas, in order for the body as little as possible respond to weather and geomagnetic changes necessary to improve their health. “Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, do not forget about proper rest and fresh air,” – said the expert.

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Note that millions of giant asteroids with a diameter of 50 meters and above at breakneck speed dash to the Ground, causing 1 September come to an end.

Мощный метеоудар накроет Землю совсем скоро, поразит абсолютно всех: как уберечься

This is indicated by the astrologers. While ufologists declared that the day of knowledge-destroying Nibiru is planning an attack on the earthlings.

We will note, according to scientists, August 31, 2019, the sky will be “stuffed” rocks from space, and the next day, September 1, they are massively plunk on our planet. A hail of asteroids will turn the Ground into mush.

Recall that Nibiru disappeared from radar, scientists were stunned by the discovery.

As reported Politeka, the planet Nibiru will hit the Earth a powerful blow, scientists are sounding the alarm.

Also Politeka wrote that Nibiru has launched a devastating weapon, scientists are sounding the alarm