Powerful magnetic storm will fall on the heads of the Ukrainians called dangerous days

Мощная магнитная буря обрушится на головы украинцев: названы опасные дни

Called dangerous to the health of Ukrainians date due to magnetic storms

In September, 2019 on the heads of Ukrainians will collapse magnetic storm of level G1. Powerful meteomar falling on the beginning of the month.

This is referred to in issledovaniyah Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN:

“The peak is expected on 1 September.”


Storms of class 1 is able to influence the energy system – weak fluctuations in power systems, on spacecraft, ground system, auroras visible at high latitudes, namely, to 60 degrees, at the beginning of the migrations of animals – according to the scale of NOAA (national atmospheric administration, USA).

Мощная магнитная буря обрушится на головы украинцев: названы опасные дни

Recall also, in this month of Ukrainians trapped a few dangerous dates associated with magnetic storms. Special attention to yourself and your health should have to pay it August 5 and 6:

“It is possible that the forecast could change dramatically,” said the authors.

Мощная магнитная буря обрушится на головы украинцев: названы опасные дни

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As is known, a magnetic storm may cause weather-sensitive people headaches, blood pressure problems, General malaise, insomnia, and irritability. It is also known that during magnetic storms there are more cases of heart attacks, strokes and hypertensive crises.

Doctors strongly recommend to sleep well these days — at least 8 hours, ventilate the apartment, take a walk on the air and to drink more water. It is advisable not to overeat before bedtime.

Let us remind that Ukrainians tormented by a terrible magnetic storm in July. The most powerful in the last 10 years, a magnetic storm fell on the heads of Ukrainians on July 13. Strength this event also betrayed the lunar Eclipse of 16 to 17 July.

We will remind, in the middle of may people the head fell ice the size of a chicken egg.

As reported Politeka, winter invaded the Ukraine in the middle of may.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather division of Ukraine: the present summer and cold.