Powerful magnetic storm will cover Ukraine, will happen soon: how to protect yourself

Мощная магнитная буря накроет Украину, произойдет уже скоро: как уберечься

Magnetic storm will begin on 28 September and will be felt within days

September 28, projected a powerful magnetic storm. It is reported by the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN.

The article says that a strong storm will start on September 28 and will reach the level of G1. Meteomar same forces are expected to number 29. The next day, 30 September, is expected to vibrations and magnetic disturbances.

Мощная магнитная буря накроет Украину, произойдет уже скоро: как уберечься

To the influence of the magnetic storm was strongly noticeable, experts advise to spend that time alone, avoiding stressful situations or stress – emotional, yet physical.

In addition, you should more rest, sleep and walk in the fresh air.

Doctors recommend in the morning to do exercises, which will consist of several simple exercises and improve blood circulation, relieve stress and free from weather dependency. In addition, it is recommended from time to time to take a contrast shower.

Overeating also affects the cardiovascular system.

Мощная магнитная буря накроет Украину, произойдет уже скоро: как уберечься

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To improve well-being in these days are advised not to overeat, not to increase the burden on the cardiovascular system. You should observe a menu consisting of light meals to minimize consumption of very fatty, spicy and too salty dishes. Should give up alcohol and coffee, instead drink more water and soothing teas. You also need to avoid spending time in the sun, limit long travel and trips. In those days, experts recommend to stock up on all necessary medications, and in the case of ill health immediately to see a specialist, not delaying the case.

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