Powerful fire destroys everything in its path, rescuers can not cope: staff of the Inferno

Мощный пожар уничтожает все на своем пути, спасатели не справляются: кадры огненного ада

Southern California embraced large-scale fires, evacuated hundreds of thousands of people

As it became known, a terrible fire engulfed a large part of southern California. As writes the edition Time, first burned a dump, but strong winds quickly fanned the flames (to see the video dockrillia the page to the end).

The fire turned into ashes more than a hundred trailers. It is known that the fire destroyed about two hundred acres of terrain.

Мощный пожар уничтожает все на своем пути, спасатели не справляются: кадры огненного ада

Several residents were taken to hospital, but there were no details about their condition, the captain said fire protection district riverside Fernando Herrera.

Мощный пожар уничтожает все на своем пути, спасатели не справляются: кадры огненного ада

Because of the danger of the spread of fires in California were left without electricity for more than two million people.

Earlier it was reported that on the Mariana Islands is approaching the strongest Typhoon. So, the US President, Donald trump declared a state of emergency for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. He also instructed the U.S. government to assist the local island authorities.

It is noted that the maximum wind speed of Typhoon “Hagibis” is 260 km/h.

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On Tuesday, October 8, a Typhoon passed near the island Anatahan. Weather service warned of a storm near the island of GUAM (140 of its residents already hid in the shelter).

Note, the Mariana Islands are an island arc located in the Western part of the Pacific ocean. The archipelago is located 2,500 km from the Philippines and at the same distance from Papua New Guinea. The Islands consist of 15 large island, among which the above-mentioned Anatahan and GUAM.

In September, elements of the past in Japan. Tropical Typhoon “Tapa” came on the country, the result of which was de-energized tens of thousands of homes. Japanese airlines canceled more than 480 domestic flights.

Recall, meteorologists warn of extreme danger in the Dnipropetrovsk region: “can achieve…”.

As reported Politeka, brutal element paralyzed the country: flights canceled, thousands of people without light, pictures of the chaos.

Also Politeka wrote that deadly element sweeps away all life in its path, chaos and destruction reign around, footage of the Apocalypse.