Powerful element rocked a popular resort, but the worst is yet to come: details

Мощная стихия сотрясла популярный курорт, но самое страшное еще впереди: подробности

Had an emergency: a single natural disaster will entail more

The Agency of meteorology, climatology and Geophysics of Indonesia, warned of the likelihood of a tsunami after a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7 near the island of Sumatra, reports the Express.

Мощная стихия сотрясла популярный курорт, но самое страшное еще впереди: подробности

“Indonesia has issued a tsunami warning after an earthquake of magnitude 7 near the Indonesian island of Sumatra”, — transfers the edition.

In Geological service of the United States of America reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded at a depth of 59 km in 227 km from the town of Alma on the aforementioned island.

While the damage and casualties during natural disasters there is no information.

Recall that Indonesia is located in the Pacific circle of fire where earthquakes are a frequent phenomenon.

As previously reported, what the storm took human life, destroyed houses and keeps the country in fear.

Due to bad weather conditions significantly damaged houses, transport, flooded many streets.

Мощная стихия сотрясла популярный курорт, но самое страшное еще впереди: подробности

But the worst thing is that raging in the country, the hurricane claimed the lives of at least three people:

“In the area of Focene, Italy wind threw a passing car, killing 27-year-old woman who was driving. The girl tried to hide from the weather in the Parking lot of a gas station, but the wind had picked up a car and thrown to tens of meters for drainage channel2 — referred to in the message source.

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In addition, the tragedy happened in the Italian Arezzo – it killed 72-year-old man:

“He was driving the car that smashed in the floods. Then the man got out of the car and washed it off with water. The body of a man found in the mud and among the debris near his car,” said local rescuers.

We also wrote about the tragic death of a famous athlete as a result of the hurricane. As is known, deceased was 45-year-old athlete from Norway Silje of Pismena:

“The man died during a competition during the race in the mountains in South Tyrol in lightning”. It is reported that the tragedy occurred near lake San Pancrazio at a height of 2 thousand 100 meters

De-energized also, many houses, streets turned into rivers – people are scared and begging.

Recall that the elements raged in Ukraine, there are victims.

As reported Politeka, the ferocious elements claimed the lives of five: “rescuers pull dead body.”

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: 63 dead.