Powerful element carried on the country cancel flights and trains, important statements

Мощная стихия несется на страну: отменяют авиарейсы и поезда, важное заявления

Because of the approaching Typhoon open additional lines round-the-clock call centers in foreign languages

In Japan in connection with the approaching Typhoon “Hagibis” authorities carried out additional information to foreign tourists in the territory of the country. On Friday, October 11, the Japanese public television NHK.

All necessary information related to the approaching Typhoon, travelers now can get by hectares of additional line-clock call centers in foreign languages.

In addition, tourists are informed with the help of special applications, also in different languages, and through social networks.

Мощная стихия несется на страну: отменяют авиарейсы и поезда, важное заявления

It is noted that the number of foreign tourists currently in Japan, significantly higher than the average for this time of year due to extending the country’s Rugby world Cup.

In connection with the approaching Typhoon “Hagibis” Japanese airlines have canceled nearly 800 domestic flights scheduled for October 12, accounting for nearly 90% of daily transport, rail operator JR took the decision on Saturday to reduce the number of trains on the busiest line between Tokyo and Osaka, and in the second half of the day to completely stop the message on this route.

Earlier, the national Meteorological Department has officially warned that Typhoon “Hagibis” 12 and 13 October will be held at the main territory of Japan and, possibly, will strike directly at the capital of the country.

Earlier it was reported, in September the element went through Japan.Tropical Typhoon “Tapa” came on the country, the result of which was de-energized tens of thousands of homes. Japanese airlines canceled more than 480 domestic flights.

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Мощная стихия несется на страну: отменяют авиарейсы и поезда, важное заявления

“Canceled flights, which are mainly connected to other parts of the country with the South-Western island of Kyushu, including airports in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Saga”, — reported in the foreign media.

Forecasters later commented that “tapas” began to wane: in the center the pressure has reached 990 hPa, and speed to 30 m/s (with gusts up to 40 m/s).

Before that, in September as well as powerful Typhoon raged in Korea called “Lingling”. He reached the Korean Peninsula and made landfall on the South-West of Korea.. the wind Speed was estimated at 108 km / h and gusts of 144 km / h.

Recall, meteorologists warn of extreme danger in the Dnipropetrovsk region: “can achieve…”.

As reported Politeka, brutal element paralyzed the country: flights canceled, thousands of people without light, pictures of the chaos.

Also Politeka wrote that deadly element sweeps away all life in its path, chaos and destruction reign around, footage of the Apocalypse.