Powerful element attacked the country, roofs and buses fly through the streets: images of the Apocalypse

Мощная стихия атаковала страну, крыши и автобусы летают по улицам: кадры апокалипсиса

A powerful cyclone hit the coast: evacuated more than a million people

On Friday, may 3, the Eastern part of India was covered by tropical cyclone “Fanny”, which is accompanied by showers and gusts up to 200 km/h. at least three people were killed in the floods, but most of all, the number of victims will grow.

Eyewitnesses in social networks share eerie video of what is happening: the wind is so strong that it rips roofs off houses. On one of the videos the hurricane turns and drags on the ground a school bus.

Also, a construction crane collapsed on a residential house in Bhubaneswar:

In connection with the cyclone in Odisha was suspended, rail traffic, airports and ports are closed. In the region also closed schools and government offices.

The cyclone formed in the Bay of Bengal on the morning of 3 may, he reached the coast of India in Odisha and went inland for 60 miles. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, in the second half of the day the cyclone should weaken, the wind speed drops to 150km/h, then “Fanny” would start moving towards Bangladesh.

“Fanny” became one of the most devastating cyclones in the history of India over the last 20 years.

We will remind, Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.

As reported Politeka, powerful elements wash away the city from the face of the Earth, footage of the accident: 63 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that the elements attacked the capital: the houses are destroyed completely, the tragedy was caught on video.