Powerful disaster destroys the Ukrainian lands: “important product will disappear forever”

Мощная катастрофа уничтожает украинские земли: "важные продукты исчезнут навсегда"

Ukraine embraced the new trouble, which can ruin all agriculture

Scientists and environmentalists have soloris of Ms. large-scale disaster, which led to irrational use of fertilizers in the fields. Now in the Ukrainian lands is rapidly declining humus content, increases the acidity and decreases the amount of nutrients. Therefore, in Ukraine sharply reduced the fertility of the topsoil. The problem has reached a critical level and continues to worsen.

Мощная катастрофа уничтожает украинские земли: "важные продукты исчезнут навсегда"

Thus, in Rivne region on only one field, fertilizer is not enough for the 250 hectares of agricultural land where grown turnips, barley and wheat. Because minerals rose by 40%. In addition, they are difficult to find in the domestic market.

“A more critical phase, when we had to make these fertilizers, their market was not” – said a farmer named Denis. He added that a similar situation has been observed for many landowners. This will lead to massive reduction in yield. — “Someone was forced to reduce the volume of mineral fertilizers, and of course it affects productivity. Some were forced to do to revise the structure of crops”.

And in 2018, the farmers used less than half of the fertilizer than in 20170м. While the acreage is not reduced. Clarifies that productivity depends not only on their quantity but rather on the rational use. At the University of life and environmental Sciences noted that the training of agricultural crops decrease for 15 years, because the black soil to destroy its improper handling. In the near future in Ukraine may disappear forever important food.

Мощная катастрофа уничтожает украинские земли: "важные продукты исчезнут навсегда"

“If we are in acidic soil, use fertilizer traditionally, the efficiency will be very low. If you do not analyze the soil, it is called the mark”, – said head of the Department of Agrochemistry and quality Anatoly Bukin.

Also earlier it was reported that experts are sounding the alarm because of the threat of changes in the composition of the Black sea. The most important for Ukraine, the pond gradually destroys the ecological disaster. Scientists warn that soon the Black sea will not remain water, suitable for life.

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