Power outages: more than 3,500 affected households in the region

forts-vents-provoque-deracinement-arbre(Trois-Rivieres) At 20 am Tuesday, still 3589 customers of Hydro-Quebec Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec were without power due to damage caused by the storms on Monday evening network. Affected by a failure, the Shawinigan College has canceled all activities for the day and the evening, either during the regular training, continuous training and the activities of the Sports Centre.

In Mauricie, 84 outages affected 53,593 of the 161,545 customers of Hydro-Quebec, while in the Centre-du-Quebec, five interruptions touched 16 134 998 network customers.

At 23 pm Monday, the number of affected households was $ 47,000 in the region. Trois-Rivieres was the most affected area with nearly 19 000 private customers service.

On ensmble province Monday night, Hydro-Quebec reported 732 outages, depriving 271,000 electricity customers.

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