Power crossed the line, people started to shoot on the streets: what’s going on

Власть перешла черту, людей начали отстреливать прямо на улицах:  что происходит

Protests of the Parliament building tightened, because of what the government has decided to use all types of weapons

This was reported by journalist Arthur Kharitonov on his page in Facebook.

“The Hong Kong government began to use all kinds of weapons Injured the journalists. The first shot was received by the activist. In the head. There is no turning back. In 2014 we asked the world for help. Today 2019, and Ukraine chose to remain silent. Or so we are a country?” he said.

UPD: Uryadov Hong Kong pocas use VSI ViDi zbroï. Hurt also jurnaltv. UPD2: the photo — Perche vistrel…

Posted by Arthur Kharytonov on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

According to the journalist, on the streets of the city are millions of people.

“About 2 million people now took to the streets to fight against the law of the extradition act, which will allow you to expel any alien/citizen of Hong Kong directly in a Chinese prison. If the law is adopted, it will be one of the most severe forms of violations of international law in recent years, which can be compared with the occupation of Crimea (I’m not going to explain these aspects, but just trust that this is so)”, — he stressed.

The authorities, according to Kharitonov, “barricaded” in their buildings.

“The legislative Parliament has passed a second reading, and in parallel with this completely blocked the entrances to the building, the activists began to use gas first, then weapons. There are already dozens of wounded”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, police are trying to confront the angry mob and the media have managed to report the first victims, the situation escalates with every minute. Police used batons, rubber bullets and pepper gas in clashes with protesters in Hong Kong.

Local media reported that the ambulance quickly picked up and taken away wounded in the clashes:

It is known that the demonstrators blocked the entrance to the building of the Legislative Council, of deputies and in the end was moved:

“Some protesters erected barricades to block the movement of cars in the heart of the financial center of the city. Groups of police officers tried to prevent the activists directly in government offices”, — stated in the message.

Власть перешла черту, людей начали отстреливать прямо на улицах:  что происходит

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada can fly into the air, around the panic, what was going on.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko stuck Zelensky for new appointments and received the answer: “I would take their chocolate…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has made an emergency appeal, landing discarded: “We’re unable…”.