Povaliy redrew himself: “plastic on plastic”

Повалий перекроила себя до неузнаваемости: "пластика на пластике"

Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy was stunned by the radical changes in appearance after plastic surgery

The controversial singer and people’s artist of Ukraine Taisiya Povaliy was stunned by new photos, which wouldn’t recognize her. The star changed his look, hairstyle and much younger. Povaliy starred in a photo shoot for the new album that will be recorded in the Ukrainian language, wrote Know.

Povaliy shared his thoughts on the new album. She told me that she was “forced to remain silent for a long time at Home,” and expressed the hope that the composition of the Ukrainian supporters will appreciate.

Повалий перекроила себя до неузнаваемости: "пластика на пластике"

“For the time of enforced silence in his Homeland in my mind and heart a lot of things, many want to Express, so I decided to record this record. Ten, especially for me written songs in the Ukrainian language, I’m sure, will take a worthy place in my creative stash and will appeal to fans,” he told them.

New photos of Taisiya Povaliy appeared in a long coat in plaid, with bright makeup and short hair with the effect of “wet stacking”.

Повалий перекроила себя до неузнаваемости: "пластика на пластике"

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy paid for visits to plastic surgeons and nearly ruined his career.

A known supporter of fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, admitted that he often changed his appearance with Botox injections. Thanks to cosmetic procedures in the performer it is impossible to know the girl that she was earlier in his career.

During an interview with Taisiya Povaliy shared an unpleasant history. Once due to a plastic surgery, the singer has lost his most valuable tool — the voice. As it turned out, she did too much Botox injections in the face and neck. Substance affected the vocal cords and prevented the normal celebrity to sing on the stage.

Повалий перекроила себя до неузнаваемости: "пластика на пластике"

Recall that Povaliy admitted that almost died because of his own mistakes.

His only son Denis Povaliy gave birth to the first husband Vladimir for Them in 1983. A year later, the singer learned that pregnant again, but a year-old baby and a new job outweighed in the decision to give birth or not.

After learning about the pregnancy she decided to abort. To do this, the artist used special injections that cause a miscarriage, but instead she had an ectopic pregnancy.

We will remind that memories in the arms of the singer stunned in appearance

As Politeka wrote that scandalously famous Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy zapadenka scored a ridiculous new trick in Russia.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy, who has been living and working in Russia, boasted its recognition in the country-aggressor.