Povaliy admitted that he lost his voice due to Botox

Повалий призналась, что теряла голос из-за ботокса

Ukrainian singer, almost all the time staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, unsuccessfully doing the “injections of youth”.

Taisiya Povaliy, a tour in Russia admitted that she had no voice due to Botox injections. About this star told in an interview with the Source.

The singer told about when overzealous with the “beauty shots” and a lost voice. According to them she “obkololsya” Botox and couldn’t sing. The star had to cancel performances.

Also Povaliy stressed that addicted to the injections over time. First singer wanted to remove a few wrinkles to look younger, but at some point did not stop in time. For the singer was the surprise that Botox relaxes the muscles, and this may adversely affect your ability to sing.

On the eve of “drunk” Povaliy ridiculed for a bizarre dance backstage at a concert of TV channel inter.

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