Potapov added a bright detail to your image

Потап добавил яркую деталь в свой образ

The musician has shared with fans a new snapshot of the

Famous Ukrainian hip-hop artist and producer Potap (real name is Alexei Potapenko) decided to add a bright detail to your image than surprised fans. On his page in social network Instagram he published a photo with the silver rings in his ears.

It should be noted that it is unknown whether these earrings, or clip-on earrings, faux.

“All, who wrote: “take off your earrings” go to hell. I Lyosha, earrings, Potap,” said the performer on the video Stories.
Changes in image of the rapper has caused a stir among his fans:

“Wow, earrings! I haven’t seen them! Fashion!”. “God, have ears and shot”. “Earrings?”. “Oh God, my mind destroyed, but it looks cool.” “And what does was ears pierced?”. “Cool.” “Unexpected, but fun. Pretty boy.” “Earrings are awesome”. “Young Fred durst” (founder and lead singer of Limp Bizkit, ed.).


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