Potap ward in form-fitting dresses trimmed extra: “Fire”

Подопечная Потапа в облегающем белье засветила лишнее: «Огонь»

Ward Ukrainian producer Potap Michelle Andrade lit extra in a revealing outfit

As reported Politeka, the girl published in Instagram.

So, on the published picture shows Andrade in a tight red dress, which is effectively bare curves of the girl. This was the reason for the rapid comments from the users.

“Pretty woman”, “Fire”, “cool, Michelle!”, “very beautiful photo!”, “Love”, “Michelle, you’re beautiful extraterrestrial!”, — they write.

Подопечная Потапа в облегающем белье засветила лишнее: «Огонь»

As previously reported, one of the charges of the producer Potap decided to show off a Frank picture without underwear. The Michelle Andrade published in Instagram.

“I feel today mommy”, — stated in the caption.

Note that the published photo shows the singer posing in underwear and wet t-shirt. This was the reason for the rapid comments from the users.

“Fire”, “best”, “super you,” “Michelle, it’s not your style. You lost your individuality”, “wow, sexy,” they write.

Earlier we wrote that the captain has announced a new project which also starred the least-known of Monatic and ward producer Positive.

Premiere popular Ukrainian Comedy “Skujene wedding music”, more precisely, its second part will be released soon on the wide screen. Ukrainians will be able to enjoy the game well-known local artists:

“#soon #скаженевесілля2 @monatik_official @positiff #crazywedding2 fact scho 2 ha series always ccase! #Potapov #mikrosamoletah”, signed Potap poster for the new movie.

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On the poster for the film actors adorned in Church robes, Potap well – centered, the spitting image of Dad with a huge beard.

Ukrainians, for the most part, so Novotna was somewhat surprised, but delighted.

Подопечная Потапа в облегающем белье засветила лишнее: «Огонь»

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and a touching confession of love.

Also Politeka wrote that appeared the first photos of a gorgeous restaurant near Kiev, where they will celebrate the wedding Potap and Kamenskih.