Potap first spoke about the wedding with Kamensky: “chose the symbolic date”

Потап впервые заговорил о свадьбе с Каменских: «выбрали символическую дату»

Potap for the first time publicly commented on the rumors about her wedding with a former colleague Nastya Kamenskih

Famous Ukrainian producer and the leader of the group Mozgi Potap in an interview with TSN told about what actually happens in the anticipated date of their wedding with Kamensky – may 23. Video of the conversation was posted on YouTube.

Potapov said that this day for it is a symbolic date and explained why.

“If we’re talking about may 23, I can say that may 23 is the birthday of Yura Gorovoy, my friend. Day of the turtle is an animal that symbolizes wisdom” — with humor noted artist.

Потап впервые заговорил о свадьбе с Каменских: «выбрали символическую дату»

Thus, on the question of when will be the wedding, Potapov said that the wedding had “every day”.

It is worth noting that earlier in mass media appeared information that Potap and Nastya Kamensky planning to get married. According to journalists, the celebrity couple have already picked a date: the wedding is scheduled for may 23.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Nastya Kamensky and Potap getting ready for her wedding and have already started to send out invitations to guests.

According to journalists, the celebrity couple plans to marry this month, however, conceals his plans from the public. The wedding kept such a deep secret that even invitations to her allegedly awarded in an encrypted form.

However, the media got the text of the invitation.

“Our precious friend! We invite you and your men on the wedding of the century. Save us the date of may 23, and be sure to confirm your presence. Finally a good bear will find his priceless stone. Let’s keep it a secret,” — said in a special postcard.

Fans immediately guessed “the code”, according to which “good bear” is Potap, a “precious stone” — Kamensky.

According to the source, the wedding organization is engaged in event Agency Liudmila Golubitskaya “GG PROJECT”. While the details of the celebration are held in the strictest confidence.

Recall, Kamenskikh first told about the wedding with Potapov.

As reported Politeka, Kamensky before the wedding with the captain taken aback by the statement about another man.

Politeka also reported that the ex-wife of Potapov struck treatment before the wedding with Kamensky.