Possible re-privatization of individual companies could deter investors, – Goncharuk

Возможная реприватизация отдельных компаний может отпугнуть инвесторов, - Гончарук

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk believes that the idea of re-privatization of some companies if it is implemented, may adversely affect the investment climate of Ukraine

He stated in the television broadcast, answering a question about whether there is a principled position of the government on the issue, according to the Agency Ukrainian news with reference to unian.net.

“Reprivatization is very dangerous, it’s bad because the investor in Ukraine must feel that if he invested, it is unreasonable that he will take no one. We need to create an environment where people will invest money to Ukraine and not be afraid that they have the money just take. And such practice in Ukraine, unfortunately, for decades there. This is what undermines trust in our government and making resources for our state is incredibly expensive. Because you need to be very cautious about such ideas,” he said.

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The Prime Minister stressed that the Cabinet tries not to take rash decisions, which can be negatively met by potential investors.

As reported, on October 11 during a press marathon, President Vladimir Zelensky said that state-owned enterprises, which wants to sell the new government during a large-scale privatization, in the future, will not be picked up from the new owners in favor of the state.

Earlier, the economic expert Boris Kushniruk on his page in Facebook said that the statements of the authorities about the possible re-privatization, in particular of telecommunication company “Ukrtelecom”, increase the risks for investment in Ukraine and deter investors.