“Poroshenko will be happy”: a servant of the people failed in Parliament, this has not happened

"Порошенко будет счастлив": Слуга народа потерпела фиаско в Раде, такого еще не было

The fraction of “servant of the people” suffered the first little fiasco in Parliament, 9th Parliament convening for the first time, failed to collect the required minimum of 226 votes “for” for decision-making

During the evening meeting, on 12 September, the deputies adopted in the first reading the bill on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on safety management of roads.

After that, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov put to the vote the proposal to reduce the time of preparation for the second reading. However, this time in Parliament was not neobhodimogo for deciding number of votes. “For” vote of 223 people’s deputies, against — 14, 61 abstained.

Thus the fraction “servant of the people”, which includes member 251, gave 208 votes.

"Порошенко будет счастлив": Слуга народа потерпела фиаско в Раде, такого еще не было

Specify that before the Verkhovna Rada adopted all decisions put to a vote. At least 226 votes in Parliament was only during the preferential voting for candidates for the position of Deputy speaker.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has developed a draft law which proposed to fine MPs-button pushers. The text of the bill published on his page in Facebook Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk.

He wrote that the document proposes to punish deputies for the future, a fine of 3 to 5 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens, which is now around 50-85 thousand hryvnias. The apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada, in the case of the adoption of this initiative will be tasked to monitor the voting members and to identify the button pushers.

"Порошенко будет счастлив": Слуга народа потерпела фиаско в Раде, такого еще не было

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Stepanchuk added that in procedural Committee sent an appeal with a demand to deal with the situation with recorded facts of a knopkodavstvo and give them legal assessment.

Recall that Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

As reported Politeka have Zelensky are going to reduce taxes Ukrainians, voiced terms.

Also Politeka wrote that the MP is rigidly screwed directly in the session hall, the Ukrainians in anger: “Fire!”.