Poroshenko went into hiding! The controversial footage hit the net: excuses will not help

Порошенко пустился в бега! Скандальные кадры попали в сеть: отмазки уже не помогут

Fifth President Petro Poroshenko continues to ignore the law enforcement agencies

This information in comments to reporters confirmed by the press Secretary of the RRG Anzhelika Ivanov, RBC-Ukraine online reports

According to her, today Petro Poroshenko was to questioning on charges of treason, but the former President didn’t appear for questioning.

Порошенко пустился в бега! Скандальные кадры попали в сеть: отмазки уже не помогут

Press Secretary of the RRG stressed that the questioning of Petro Poroshenko was supposed to start at 9:30 in case of high treason about the contempt of court regarding the appointment of members of the High Council of justice.

Ivanov also noted that today at 14:00 scheduled another interview with Petro Poroshenko. But a spokesman for the security Agency did not specify what kind of business should interrogate the former President of Ukraine.

According to Telegram-channel “Klymenko Time”, today, Petro Poroshenko had to pass a polygraph test, but probably scared.

“His lawyer said in connection with the plenary session in Parliament, he will not be able to visit investigators. And about the questioning at 14:00 they supposedly know nothing. Recall, today, Petro Alexeyevich were scheduled for a polygraph. Looks like he decided to play the fool”, — stated in the message.

Later journalists found escaped from the interrogation GBR Petro Poroshenko. As it turned out, the ex-President decided to wait out the investigation in the hall of the Parliament.

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“Petro Poroshenko, ignored the questioning RRT appeared in the Verkhovna Rada. Such is the responsible people’s Deputy”, — said in the caption to the published photograph.

Порошенко пустился в бега! Скандальные кадры попали в сеть: отмазки уже не помогут

We reported earlier that the Petro Poroshenko invented a new method of earning on the Ukrainians. It is reported that in Kiev opened a coffee shop on a Nice Cafe which belongs to the Corporation of the former guarantor of Petro Poroshenko Roshen.

In the design of the new institution dominated by yellow-brown shades, and in the hall a total of six tables. As for the desserts, then ex-President Petro Poroshenko clearly stingy, because I offer my customers the churros, for a portion which will have to pay 50 hryvnias. The institution has a self-service system. After the order the customer will be given a receipt with number, then you must wait notification about the order on the screen, and only after that you can pick up your coffee with dessert.

Recall Zelensky abruptly reined Razumkov in front of everyone, the details of the scandal.

As reported Politeka, Bogdan scored a trick in Parliament, Poroshenko said: “let’s Drink to those who are sent to prison.”

Also Politeka wrote that became known why Zelensky chose Alexei Goncharuk for the post of Prime Minister.