Poroshenko sacrificed children for the sake of his freedom: “he sent his son by…”

Порошенко пожертвовал детьми ради своей свободы: "прислал сына под..."

The former President of Petro Poroshenko has sent his son by the RRG to beat him there and he was able to avoid punishment

Ukrainian blogger and a future MP from the party “servant of the People” Alexander Dubinsky commented around the visit Poroshenko GBR. He spoke about the scheme of purchase of the TV channel “Direct” and about how a former President wants to avoid prison.

Порошенко пожертвовал детьми ради своей свободы: "прислал сына под..."

“The most discussed news today that Poroshenko’s visit to the state Bureau of investigation where he was summoned in the case of the acquisition of the TV channel “Direct” and tax evasion at the presidency.”, says the blogger.

Future MP says that there is a regional Makeyenko, who ruled Kiev during the revolution in Ukraine. He’s got offshore, which bought channel “Direct”. If this is all spin, that you can reach the companies that cater to Poroshenko. Therefore this channel is associated directly with the former President.

“And now, when Poroshenko was supposed to go to RRG, there was his son Michael with the poster that in Ukraine oppress freedom of speech. Misha, he’s the guy who found the Tulip in “one place.” Remember the famous video that Shary has published. I call Mike “Fanfan the Tulip”.”, — the blogger notes.

Порошенко пожертвовал детьми ради своей свободы: "прислал сына под..."

Also, the future MP said that the son of Poroshenko was not able to talk in Ukrainian. Writer says: “This is the way you about the President, a patriot, and his voters idiots.” It is only present to send my son under the office of the RRG, knowing that there will be provocations. It’s just a cynical attempt to evoke pity. And if it attacked his son near the building, people would have started to feel sorry for Poroshenko.

“We have something like that weird things happen in life that we love very much offended. Here Poroshenko is absolutely not vosas the fact that his son wants to bring his figurative sacrifice in order to remain at liberty. That is us, folks, for the past five years, ran down and out in Andong,” concludes the blogger.

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