Poroshenko made the comment regarding the issuance of Hungarian passports in Transcarpathia

According to the head of state, Ukraine respects the sovereignty of other countries and requires the same respect.

Порошенко дав коментар щодо видачі угорських паспортів на Закарпатті

President Petro Poroshenko spoke for the first time about the scandal with the issuance of the Hungarian passports. He said that demands respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine. The head of state said during his working trip to Kharkiv region, informs Rus.Media.

The President recalled that a statement in connection with the issuance of the inhabitants of Transcarpathia Hungarian passports by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and he fully shared every letter, which said the foreign Ministry.

– My position as President – I will protect Ukrainian citizens, wherever they were in the East, in the West… Protecting Ukrainian citizens I’m protecting the sovereignty of our state. Just like we honor and respect the sovereignty of other States, we demand the same respect for Ukraine, – Poroshenko stressed.

According to various estimates, the Hungarian passport received 100 thousand Ukrainians. They are issued for 7 years, and everyone knew about it. However, a scandal erupted after the publication of the video of this process in September.

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