Poroshenko has divided the Ukraine with Akhmetov: disclosed details of a large conspiracy

Порошенко разделил Украину вместе с Ахметовым: раскрыты детали большого сговора

Petro Poroshenko was returned to Ukraine corrupt and criminal hierarchy

In an interview for UKRLIFE.TV held before the first round of the presidential elections of 2019, said the philosopher Serhiy Datsyuk.

According to Sergey Datsyuk, conspiracy of oligarchs in Vienna in 2014 included the refusal of Poroshenko from the persecution of the oligarchs and allowing them to continue to enrich themselves.

“This is a conspiracy of oligarchs in Vienna, when the oligarch-President Poroshenko promised to pull on the brakes will allow the oligarchs to continue to fatten, to enrich, to lower the brake case against former regionals, especially those who are not explicitly covered in any orders or actions against life and health of citizens”, — said the expert.

According to Datsyuk, the consequence was the bankruptcy of the only one of the oligarchs who really struggled with the Russian offensive – Igor Kolomoisky. In addition, he was depressed most of the business of Rinat Akhmetov, are limited to earnings, some other oligarchs.

“We have today in Ukraine only the tandem Poroshenko, Akhmetov,” — said Datsyuk.

The expert stressed that Poroshenko together with Akhmetov to squeeze out of Ukraine the weaker oligarchs and divided power over the country.

“This is the iron law of oligarchy: in the beginning of monopoly focuses on the level of a few oligarchs, then the oligarchs inside there is a concentration, that is, we actually observed that this second step, the oligarchs devour the weak, leaving only the strongest. That Poroshenko and Akhmetov – these are “the last Macleod”, now we have to think what to do with them,” said Datsyuk.

We will remind, Poroshenko will stand trial: “broke the law”, and more.

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