Poroshenko has concealed the truth about the tragedy, the Ukrainians stormed: “For a penny resold…”

Порошенко скрыл правду о трагедии, украинцы пошли на штурм: "За три копейки перепродал..."

The former President of Petro Poroshenko has sent Ukrainians to storm the GBR, but would not go to jail

Supporters of the ex-guarantor attempted to seize the premises of the State Bureau of investigation, staged a mass provocation. The Director of an Agency of the Roman Trumpet called the demonstrators admirers of former head of state. Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky said in the vlog that organized the event, colleagues of the leader of “European solidarity”.

July 14, a group of people came out to protest under the building of the RRT. So they wanted to affect the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings, which appears Poroshenko. This was stated by the Director of RRT the novel Tube. Some protesters broke into broke into the building “Ukrainian FBI” under rukovodstvom people with parliamentary mandates. They blocked the entry and exit of vehicles from the RRT, and also demanded from the Roman Pipes of the abolition of the investigations. Directors noted that the demonstrators disrupted the meeting with European and international partners on the development and strengthening of the RRG; demanded from the Director of law enforcement body “Express the results of the investigation”, or even its abolition. Several people in balaclavas brought into the building RRT extinguishers. They stated that the case against Poroshenko ordered.

Порошенко скрыл правду о трагедии, украинцы пошли на штурм: "За три копейки перепродал..."

“Today, under the RRT held political power, some of the participants which went beyond the legal field,” — said Roman Pipe. — “This is interference in the work of law enforcement body”. He added that the actions of the supporters of the party of former President Poroshenko “European solidarity” needs to obtain a legal assessment, because they broke into the building of the RRG is to influence the case against Poroshenko. Instead, to help the investigation and to testify.

In several industries the RRT appears Petro Poroshenko. In particular, one of the things Kasese crossing space marine warships of Ukraine, after which 24 the Ukrainian voennosluzhaschih fell into Russian captivity. Alexander Dubinki recalled that the case of lawyer Andrew Ports was initiated against the ex-garota case of theft of money on bronezhiletom for soldiers ATO. According to the journalists, the officials stole on such transactions is more than 500 million hryvnia. For this they can send to the colony along with Petro Poroshenko.

Порошенко скрыл правду о трагедии, украинцы пошли на штурм: "За три копейки перепродал..."

“I want to draw your attention to what was going on. Who is the novel Pipe, which was headed by the RRG and now leads the case against Poroshenko. Puppet Poroshenko which at the time brought Sergey Pashinsky — the curator of the Ukroboronprom. Through which they p*zdili, hoping that he procurment”, — said Alexander Dominski. He recalled that in this scheme involved Alexander Tretyakov from BPP finansiruyuschej campaign of Petro Poroshenko.

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According to the journalist, the novel Tube betrayed their former allies after the change of government to join pobedila headed by Vladimir Zelensky.
“I’m kidding they are all spent and now get over it n*ZDY. Thank God, is what you get… But you have to understand the root cause. If you chose, such as Lutsenko, he would be there somehow sikos-nakos held their position until re-election. As Lutsenko does nothing to investigate against Poroshenko and his clique… He carried the team for a penny for a penny and resold them… That’s what they *booth is now, including the consequences of their roundnose greed. As in sleep*genich on the army of cynically money on the army,” said the journalist. According to him, due to poor armor of the death of advocates of Ukraine.

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