Poroshenko has brought a split in the DNC, Filaret gave the truth: “wanted for…”

Порошенко навлек раскол в ПЦУ, Филарет выдал правду: "Нужен был лишь для..."

Petro Poroshenko after his defeat in the presidential election, spat on ptsu

Yesterday in mass-media there were copies of the invitations to the meeting, signed by Filaret made on the forms of the Kyiv Patriarchate, dissolved in December before the unification Council. Such invitations got almost all the bishops of the PCU and some of the posted documents in the social network.

Filaret invites Church officials on the so-called brotherly conversation. In the media leaked the rumor that the gathering of bishops to discuss the prospects for recovery of the Kiev Patriarchate, Filaret, who would have preferred to lead himself.

This news has responded to the journalist Alexander Dubinsky on his page on Facebook and tried to explain why all this took Filaret, who had previously had an opposite opinion.

Порошенко навлек раскол в ПЦУ, Филарет выдал правду: "Нужен был лишь для..."

“I understand the currents and movements of people who suddenly begin to change course. Here was Filaret, which was agree with the fact that there is no longer the UOC-KP should not be of the UOC-MP in Ukraine, and should be a UOC, or as we call it DNC. But as soon as Poroshenko has dissolved, as the President, and then BAM: no UOC-KP to dissolve will not, it exists and we act accordingly in the framework we previously articulated goals and objectives. We are working, there the UOC-KP and nobody joins”.

Journalist recalls the situation, which was previously with the airline Motor Sich — Uzhgorod, which was necessary because Poroshenko has arrived on an official visit in Transcarpathia. Although in fact nobody wants it, because it is very expensive and not very convenient. This also happened with Tomos, who has Poroshenko not really necessary.

Порошенко навлек раскол в ПЦУ, Филарет выдал правду: "Нужен был лишь для..."

“Poroshenko needed to make a Tomos. OK, let’s UOC-KP forgot, we will have ptsu, hike and property. That was like, and he is pushing, and then everything was back to normal. Everything that made Poroshenko for 5 years, including the religion to which he relied, as he violently baptized, when he kneels before the graves of unknown soldiers — it’s all fake for those 25%,” added Dubinsky.

Recall, Zelensky revealed the truth about the seizure of Crimea, scandalous details.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky revealed the future of the sea of Azov.

Also Politeka wrote that it became known that the new President will not be changed after Poroshenko