Poroshenko family: College for 1.5 million, lives as the younger son of the guarantor

Семья Порошенко: колледж за 1,5 миллиона гривен, как живет младший сын гаранта

The youngest son of Petro Poroshenko graduates this year from Concord College, where the tuition is nearly 1,5 million hryvnias

About it writes the edition “the Country.sa”.

It is reported that Mikhail Poroshenko their Easter holidays spent in Ukraine and took part in practically all public events with their parents. In 2019, the training in “Concord” has risen.

Семья Порошенко: колледж за 1,5 миллиона гривен, как живет младший сын гаранта

And if in 2017-18 years the payment was 37 800 pounds, now the price 39 900 or 1 362 million 585 thousand UAH at the exchange rate of the national Bank of Ukraine on 10.05.2019. The price includes accommodation on campus, the opportunity to engage in the gym and swim in the pool, catering and Laundry services. However, this does not include textbooks, and the fee for the exams. We also know that the final exam in “Concord College” in 2019 was scheduled for 25 June and Mikhail Poroshenko is going to go to University. It is expected that he will choose some kind of British institution. It is worth noting that Concord College is in fourth place on the level of academic preparation of students among schools in the UK.

Earlier it was reported that social networks unknown posted a video with the drone launched over the mansion of ex-President Petro Poroshenko.

Семья Порошенко: колледж за 1,5 миллиона гривен, как живет младший сын гаранта

So, in the video you can see two-storey white building surrounded by manicured gardens. On the territory is still several luxury buildings whose purpose is unknown. “No worse Mezhyhirya”, “Poroshenko, according to the publication Forbes had just as huge, and it was in 2014, who do you want it to be a surprise?” “I wonder what then will happen to this house, He selected this House as a blind and built there his Palace.” “When you go back to Ukraine, Saakashvili, Poroshenko will house the police,” has left such comments under the video, users of social networks.

Many of the commentators defended the side of Poroshenko, provoking journalists to investigate about the mansions Zelensky or Recalling that the building of the ex-President had built before he went into politics. However, some firmly believe that the premises of this mansion Poroshenko confiscated from the blind.

Recall that Poroshenko has issued a stunning decree before leaving.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky reiterated to Poroshenko.

Also Politeka wrote that the network was a rumor about the assassination of Poroshenko live.