Poroshenko can do Botox at the expense of the Ukrainians! 730 million put on… Surfaced of the controversial documents

Порошенко может сделать ботокс за счет украинцев! 730 млн положено на... Всплыли скандальные документы

It became known that put Poroshenko and other presidents and Ministers in retirement

Note that August 29, the deputies of the new convocation will hold its first meeting. This means that this day will terminate the powers of deputies of the previous convocation. Very soon will change the Cabinet and heads of security agencies, reports the News.

After reviewing the documents, the writer found out how many Ukrainians will pay from your wallet for those in power in retirement.

Порошенко может сделать ботокс за счет украинцев! 730 млн положено на... Всплыли скандальные документы

Vacation at our expense

While deputies-retirees in the leave of 45 calendar days. The amount of vacation they have on average about 56 thousand UAH. It is possible that they will also receive more financial assistance for rehabilitation, a component of about 35 thousand UAH. Some expect more and for financial assistance to address “social” issues, also about 35 thousand

From 1 June to 11 August, the Management of the Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada paid to deputies and staff “clean” more than 40 million UAH of the holiday. The lion’s share — in cash:

4 Jun — 4 million;

June 13 — 3,2 million UAH;

July 3 — 7 million;

July 15 — 7.1 million UAH;

August 2 — 6 million.

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Many members will also receive compensation for unused days of vacation. For the budget it will cost approximately 44.7 million UAH. But the most interesting: 1 Jul deputies and officers have had to pick up more cash and deposited salary, that is the one that they just simply didn’t get (didn’t have time to walk to the cashier). And has accumulated 12 million UAH.

Порошенко может сделать ботокс за счет украинцев! 730 млн положено на... Всплыли скандальные документы

Free Botox and funeral

Former members of machine enrolled to the personnel reserve of the Main Department of civil service of Ukraine, receiving the first rank. And that means you’ll be able to qualify in the first row at the highest positions in government.

In addition, former members will be able for life to be treated in the most prestigious hospital “Feofania”, where the best doctors and equipment. The average Ukrainian one consultation with a doctor will give from 440 to 500 UAH, for x-ray computed tomography— 2800 UAH per MRI neck — 1500 UAH. And individual supervision of the nurse during hospital stay in 1518 UAH per day. But the deputies of all it should be free.

Also “she” provides beauty treatments (contouring, Botox), dental, massages… this year on the provision of health services officials laid 731,4 million. But for sanatorium-resort treatment of patients with tuberculosis and children with somatic diseases has 450,6 mln UAH, which is 1.6 times less.

For the funeral of ex-MPs also need to set aside.

In addition, there are many other services that are guaranteed high-ranking officials.

Recall that the fight against corruption has stalled, “they can buy all of NABOO”.

As reported Politeka, has learned how to destroy corruption once and for all: “for example, the law on “demetucci”.

Politeka also wrote that the law Zelensky found a loophole, corrupt surpassed themselves.