Poroshenko began to build a new “wall” with Russia: Zelenski revealed the sad consequences

Порошенко начал строить новую "стену" с Россией: у Зеленского раскрыли печальные последствия

Team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky assessed the prospects of the Ukrainian army in the struggle with Russia

Ivan Uparsin, Advisor of the future head of state security and defense, said the APU is unable to resist Russian troops in the Azov sea. He revealed the truth about the situation during an interview with “Apostrophe”.

The expert suggested that because of the helplessness of Ukraine to Russia on the Azov sea, many specialists may require from Vladimir Zelensky urgently to restore the naval forces. Ivan Apartin does not wish such pressure on the newly elected President. At the same time, the EA drew attention to the useless actions of the Ukrainian command in the region.

Порошенко начал строить новую "стену" с Россией: у Зеленского раскрыли печальные последствия

“Start there to build two new bases, what does it do? Do they think that it is possible to stop the aggression of Russia, built on the beachfront the base? It’s like with the “wall” on the border with Russia — it will not help,” — said adviser to Vladimir Zelensky, commenting on military bases, construction of which President Petro Poroshenko announced in September last year.

Earlier it became known that the Russian invaders badly damaged the sea of Azov the construction of the Kerch bridge. The technical work resulted in the deterioration of water quality. About this media said the candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Yuri Medovar.

Порошенко начал строить новую "стену" с Россией: у Зеленского раскрыли печальные последствия

“I have to review is an article “the Impact of the Kerch bridge to change the quality of water in the Azov sea”. Wrote the guys from the Rostov Institute. There are interesting conclusions that the construction of the bridge influenced the deterioration of water quality, but not essential. Direct as in that joke: you or the bottoms put on or take off your cross. So it is here: affected, but not significantly,” — said the scientist.

He says that the construction of the Kerch bridge violated the exchange. Because of this, the red dolphins are likely to die. Because in the future if detrimental harm will increase, the sea of Azov will turn into a swamp, and “the whole ecosystem will be ruined”. On the banks have already started to grow algae, provoking the decay of water. Besides, the Kerch Strait will dry up and not be able to pass large vessels.

We will remind, Ukrainians showed the beauty of the sea of Azov from space: fascinating photo.

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