Poroshenko awarded the scandalous people’s Deputy of regions: “This clinic”

Порошенко наградил скандального нардепа-регионала: "Это клиника"

Ukrainians, commented on the award by the applicable guarantor Petro Poroshenko with the order “For merits” of I degree of the infamous people’s Deputy Igor Lysov

As reports Know.sa, the relevant publication shared public activist Andrey boyechko on his page in Facebook.

“Now sit down on a chair and hold onto the air! Just Petro Poroshenko awarded the order “For merit” first degree (on benefits, equal to the Hero of Ukraine) MP, thug and gangster involved in many criminal cases, Igor Lysov. I understand that a more worthy person for this award at the President was not, however, I can say that offshore businessman Lysov this award bought for very big money. The price of the order “For merit” First degree once reached 200 thousand US dollars! I don’t see any other Lysova merits before Ukraine”, — wrote boyechko.

“I really hope that Vladimir Zelensky will reconsider these recent awards Poroshenko and deliver unworthy state awards!”, — summed up the activist.

Shocked Ukrainians, commented on the publication of numerous messages and expressed outrage at the shameful auction of the high state awards.

“This state award are sold, and lucyk were driven to the Prosecutor’s place to sell.. gang robs on,” “Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential country. Consent of BP for these awards?”, “Waiting for when it come to the nurses …for this is the clinic…”, “petino “goodbye” we still backfire,” write outraged users.

Порошенко наградил скандального нардепа-регионала: "Это клиника"  Порошенко наградил скандального нардепа-регионала: "Это клиника"