Poroshenko attacked! The police went to the extreme, footage from the scene of the “storm”

Порошенко атаковали! Полиция пошла на крайности, кадры с места "штурма"

On the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko assassinated near GBR

In Kiev, near the State Bureau of investigation of Petro Poroshenko unknown tried to throw eggs, reports interfax.

The attackers got into a few journalists, ex-the guarantor was left unharmed.

From the beginning of the questioning of Poroshenko’s actions were held near the building of the RRT in support of ex-President of Ukraine and against it. Among the protesters were the children of Peter I, who spoke in support of it.

When Petro Poroshenko has left the building the State Bureau of investigation, unknown persons attempted to throw eggs at him, but was involved mainly in the media representative.

After this incident, the police intervened and the attackers fled from the scene. Petro Poroshenko managed to get in the car

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“Unknown people tried to throw him eggs, however, were mostly at journalists. After this incident, the police intervened and the attackers fled. In turn, Poroshenko had to sit in the car and was not injured in the accident,” — says the publication.