Popularni turistichni Ob CT on Runnin mill prizes

Популярний туристичний об'єкт на Рівненщині стане платним

Popularni turistichni Ob CT on Runnin mill prizes

On Runnin Vlad versile brother money for vdduv tourist Ob CTA

On Runnin Vlad versile brother Groshi s tourists.

Ulublena meeting place tourists Tunnel of Love on Runnin nezabarom mill prizes. Msava Vlad versile brother money for vdduv tourist tsogo Ob CTA, yaky vzhe Stig peretvorivsya on spraving Mecca for zakochani. Chi walaka rate mandrunk – dznelia Nashi, corespondenta.

“My name is Bo. He name is Ay. My name Hals. From Bangkok, Thailand”.

TSI iz tourists to Thailand podolal thousands of kilometers, abi vddate neuromantics meeting place in Ukraine – the Tunnel of love. Seem, mrali here obovate. Pobazarim – vragen.

“Sprawl, duzhe scave I popularne the meeting place. Mi vddl Ukraine, znajshli TSE meeting place in Internet, zahoteli flies priate first axis mi here. Duzhe brazuca” – seem to influ iz Bangkok.

Tunnel of love roztashuvannya have selis Klevan nepodal Rwego. Soroku flies pristati thousands tourists: hto oswai have Cohen and hto to do divalign photo that self.

“Duzhe Garneau, drink Nashi druzi, vsih , Swetlana s tsogo msca, mi Ter zahotel”.

About Garn Swetlana, Yak nhto know msavi photographer Serge Dalton. Sama shte VIN from 2009 year zrobiv perch photo that APRILJUNE h in Internet.

“There walks salzyn WTCA chetyrehkilometrovoy to villages Argv-Argusi derevoobrobki combat, STI to Venuti products to the pumping station was constructed. Not so often he kursu, decline rasv for the day, what it once per day. So nature pastorela to tsogo msca I GLS zverhu otvorilo Taku form nadzvychaina, I otvoris here taqiy Ob CT, otvoris here tunnel of love”, -Sergiy respond Delton, msavi photographer.

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Salzyn on track was neuromantics not only in Ukraine, but th at in the. Have tunnel snimaut reklamn videos navti zakordon Mistry telendos. Taku popularnosti phenomenal tunnel required Patrimoine – versely MSCI officials. That koshtiv have Cutesy skarbnitsi on oblashtuvannya turistichno case not VISTech. Identity brother Groshi versile s vdduv. For V SD the tunnel of love nezabarom bude treba platiti: 20 UAH z automoble, and s – bus a hundred.

“Otut bude vstanovleno the barrier. Here dodatkovo will beski. Plenum of ustanoviti, oblastyami “pockets”. Purehd plan Oswin identity for zakochani. Buda Taka alley zakochani”, – kazhe Volodymyr Moklyak, patron of Europe mound’s head Pecking.

Pokey uves Tsey blagoustrij lachey have plans. Z date, if for V SD the tunnel brachiate Groshi – selini red has not visacialis. Movlyav, TSE only project I required an hour on Yogo wilena. MSCI zhiteli Taku Comercio ntsetup Vladi Patrimoine.

“Required to take charge – to Refine yakos. Required first zrobit, and then vzhe put questions about the payment”, – Oleksandr each, msavi meccanici.

Not lyakayut tariffs I turistu. The stench seem, if there are better camp – gotov platiti. Tim pace, PSCI Chi on velosiped the tunnel mozhna bude, poterpite free of charge.

“Smut dwellers won psla for the good – on benches, on smutnicki, for the people. If a small fee is only for. Priïhali mi s of Lucka. If b mi paid sche 20-30 UAH, the TSE is not particularly affected b”, – each TA Igor Oksana iz influ of Lucka.

Have narod vzhe put she her pour I, scho TSE meeting place podno serca I smtng of love. Identity bet on pam’yat about his love POV to Azuth have Tunel on wood stroke.

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