Popular Ukrainian resort attacked creepy monsters, this has not been frightening video

Популярный украинский курорт атаковали ползучие монстры, такого еще не было: пугающее видео

Popular Ukrainian resort Kyrylivka Zaporozhye region have captured black hearts

In the village recorded the invasion of kisaka, which represents one of the varieties of invertebrates millipedes.

This pest crawls into the backyard of the abandoned parts of the coast and harm the plants.

According to a local resident Vyacheslav Kulikov, the situation is already not the first year. Her reason is that on brownfield sites no one mows the weeds.

“They breed in summer the leaves and the grass. And eat even concrete, you have to understand,” — says Vyacheslav.

Популярный украинский курорт атаковали ползучие монстры, такого еще не было: пугающее видео

Eyewitnesses claim that a pest does not like the sun and has been particularly active on cloudy days. It harms the plants root crops that people grow in gardens – carrots, cabbage, radish. The length of the worm reaches up to 14 mm, it has a dark color and lives up to 4-5 years. Females lay in the soil d 70 eggs, so these pests multiply extremely quickly.

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Poisonous snakes which had to lie dormant until spring, but continue to act on the territory of Kherson region.

The regional territorial Center of emergency medical care had recorded just two attack vipers on people.

In particular, one attack happened in Skadovsk district, where the reptile clung to the leg of the man. The second case recorded in the district center Kalanchak, where snake bitten 20-year-old in the arm when the guy was working in the garden.

Recall that Europe attacked the poisonous creature.

As reported Politeka, insect army attacks against

We also reported that the poisonous butterfly is a mutant from Chernobyl scared even scientists.