Popular Ukraine service to search for travel BlaBlaCar was paid

This was reported on the website of the service.

Популярний в Україні сервіс для пошуку попутників BlaBlaCar став платним

From October 10, the popular service to search for travel BlaBlaCar announced its monetization, informs Rus.Media.

There are two ways of payment – for a month for 59 UAH, or on a day for 49 USD. You will be charged through the website or mobile app. The change only applies to trips over 120 kilometres of travel at a shorter distance will remain free.

The service will remain free for drivers. Compensation for petrol passengers will pass as cash. The company promised to ensure that drivers only receive compensation for gasoline and could not make the trips.

The rule change will be introduced with a delay. Registered till the 10th of October, users of BlaBlaCar will receive 3 free months of use (if you activate this ability up to 5th November), and those who join the service after the 10th is only one.

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