Popular sweets can cause cancer: doctors stunned by the opening

Популярные сладости могут вызвать рак: врачи ошеломили открытием

Scientists have discovered certain sweets contain dangerous substances that cause cancer

Malaysian scientists from the University Perdana University have conducted studies, and as a result found that some sweets may be linked to cancer. We are talking about cupcakes, candies, hot chocolate and chocolate cake (brownie), and carbonated beverages.

According to scientists the most dangerous are cakes and cupcakes with frosting, which is the main harm. The dyes contained in the syrup, cause children hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and cancer. Therefore, the researchers recommend eating sweets with natural dyes.

Популярные сладости могут вызвать рак: врачи ошеломили открытием

Candy also appeared in the list of dyes. Delicacy contains genetically modified corn syrup. It is the latter which causes swelling.

It is known to all that sweet soda is very harmful and destroys the body. And the hot chocolate contains hydrogenated oil and refined sugar. Such components also have a negative impact on the human condition.

Brownies often contain genetically modified oil, so the cake is better to prepare yourself from natural ingredients.

Recall that scientists have named the product, the use of which will prevent the development of colon cancer. The researchers examined tests of more than 500 thousand Europeans.

In the result, it was found that by feeding salmon, herring, and mackerel three times a week reduces the risk of tumour formation.

Scientists note that the product contains fatty acids omega 3 which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Specified fish also reduces the risks of heart disease and slows the destruction of brain cells.

Популярные сладости могут вызвать рак: врачи ошеломили открытием

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In addition, prevent cancer and help yogurt, tomato sauce, garlic and onions, cabbage and broccoli.

Earlier we wrote that experts have called the blood group, the holders of which is less exposed to cancer.

The study of this issue 50 years ago, but recently the results were confirmed. Scientists have observed for 1.1 million people. Thus, experts have found that patients with the II blood group is the predisposition to tumors in the stomach, and in patients with III and IV groups — cancer of the pancreas, and Sami little predisposition — I group.

Recall that nutritionists have called products that effect on people as drugs.

As reported Politeka, scientists call the products that ruin the mood: “it affects not only the stomach.”

Also Politeka wrote that popular products cause cancer, “Delicious, but dangerous.”