Popular diet leads to diabetes and cancer: how to avoid slimming

Популярная диета приводит к диабету и раку: как не заболеть худея

Popular among stars and athletes diet is dangerous for health

Nutritionists Hospitals, the Brigham women’s in Boston conducted a study that showed that the popular ketogenic diet is associated with the development of a number of dangerous violations in the body — although a reasonable approach, it can help to become slimmer. The arguments of the experts on the subject published in Science Alert.

Ketogenic diet is especially in demand among celebrities and athletes. This type of food was developed and initially used in the treatment of epilepsy in children, but eventually gained fame as an effective way to achieve harmony. The ketogenic diet is characterized by high fat, moderate protein and low — carbohydrate.

Популярная диета приводит к диабету и раку: как не заболеть худея

In the study, researchers compared the indicators of the state of microflora of intestines and internal organs in several groups of people. As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that a ketogenic low-carb diet prolonged period of use contributes to significant changes in the functioning of the digestive system.

Researchers say the ketogenic diet can be effective if its rules for only a certain period of time — from two weeks to a month. Otherwise, the organism may not survive.

Популярная диета приводит к диабету и раку: как не заболеть худея

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“This diet causes the body to only use fats as a primary energy source. Digestive system can relearn to exist in the new format, but in the long term it can lead to anorexia and failures in work of bodies, ” said the researchers.

According to a ketogenic diet can cause critical fluctuations in the level of glucose in the blood, may be associated with various adverse processes, whether it is a dysfunction of the pancreas or the development of serious diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Earlier we wrote that the scientists spoke about the deadly dangers of popular diets. The diet, in which there are sharp jumps in weight, increases the likelihood of premature death.

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Популярная диета приводит к диабету и раку: как не заболеть худея

According to experts, the diet yo-yo associated with a decrease in muscle mass and increased proportion of visceral fat around internal organs, increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, as well as type 2 diabetes.

We will remind, it became known, in the absence of what we’re gaining excess weight

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