Popped the juicy details of the life of Bella Hadid: the top-5 skeletons in the closet beauties

Всплыли пикантные подробности из жизни Беллы Хадид: топ-5 скелетов в шкафу красавицы

Today one of the most successful models in the world, Bella Hadid celebrates 23 years old. It is known by many, but their “skeletons in the closet” available

Bella Hadid in his 23 years conquered not one podium and starred not one for fashion gloss. Politeka decided to collect the TOP 5 little-known facts about models from around the world, which few people know.

The name Bella Hadid has already become a kind of brand in the fashion world. 23-year-old American several times received the award “model of the year”, and in 2016, entered the top 50 models in the world. According to Forbes, took 9th place in the category of the highest paid stars of the podium. But other interesting details of his personal life model.

Bella Hadid by religion Muslim

Despite the fact that she takes part in fashion shows of the fashion brand Victoria’s Secret since birth Bella is a Muslim. In 2017, the sisters of charity took to the streets of new York, protesting the order of Donald trump, who was denied entry to USA residents seven Muslim countries. Later, Hadid declare to the world that is proud of his religion.

Всплыли пикантные подробности из жизни Беллы Хадид: топ-5 скелетов в шкафу красавицы

In adolescence she worked as a waitress

So, Bella was not afraid of working with children and worked as a waitress in Malibu. The work of the future model of Sunlife Organics was taking orders and squeezing natural juice (fresh) for the customers.

Suffering from Lyme disease

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This is an infectious disease that is characterized by appearance of red spots on the skin. They can cause bites of insects, for instance ticks. The same disease affected her mother.

Bella wanted to become a rider

The love of horses instilled in her by her mother. She even planned to become a professional in this industry. But she just prevented a progressive disease of lime. Therefore, from such a venture had to be abandoned. However, she chose a career as a model and is very good at.

Всплыли пикантные подробности из жизни Беллы Хадид: топ-5 скелетов в шкафу красавицы

Studied photography

Before becoming a famous model, Bella seriously into photography. She enrolled at the New Parsons school of design, where after completing the course received a diploma of fashion photographer. Moreover, once Bella Hadid admitted that after a career of a model is planning to seriously pursue photography.

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