Polyakov struck Frank a story about “crazy” youth: “Not enough liquid”

Полякова поразила откровенным рассказом о "шальной" юности: «Не хватает жидкости»

Expert super show “Amazing people”, the Grand finale which will take place this Saturday, 27 April at 21:00 on TV channel “Ukraine”, Olga Polyakova remember the unique details of his youth

As reported by the artist herself, at a very young age, she systematically studied music. And when he learned to play the piano, often could “overdo it”. Sometimes the efforts of the future superstars revolved incredible problems and injuries.

Полякова поразила откровенным рассказом о "шальной" юности: «Не хватает жидкости»

“I played for 5-6 hours a day, and one day just “beat hand”. There is such thing professional musicians who play for a long time Not enough fluids, and… in short, I had to then giprovti hand and go like this,” – said Olya Polyakova in the Studio of the show “Amazing people”.

By the way, is now continuing the nationwide sms-vote for the winner of the super show. To see the finalists of the project and the rules of voting on the website of the channel “Ukraine”. The name of the winner, the audience gave the highest number of votes, will announce the host of the project Oleksandr skychko live the most anticipated events of spring – Grand finale super show “Amazing people” on April 27.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 200 000 USD and the title of the Superbrain. Large-scale show “Amazing people” is a Ukrainian adaptation of the popular German format, The Brain, which was successfully released in the USA, France, China, Italy, Brazil, Portugal and other countries.

In the new project of TV channel “Ukraine” are fighting for the victory of the people with outstanding mental abilities to memorize huge amounts of information very quickly I believe, have stereoscopic vision, tremendous tactile, motor, muscle, or musical memory.

Полякова поразила откровенным рассказом о "шальной" юности: «Не хватает жидкости»

Earlier it was reported that the famous Ukrainian superblondinka Olya Polyakova struck the network in an incredible way. Outrageous singer quite often pleases his fans and unusual spicy outfits, and demonstrates extravagant stage costumes for concerts and shares with the fans even the rare “home” photo.

Recall that Polyakov “followed” sabredance.

As reported Pоliteka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans