Polyakov has been robbed! “Pile of money”. The singer is in despair told the details

Полякову обокрали! "Куча денег". Певица в отчаянии рассказала подробности

The Ukrainian singer and actress Olya Polyakova stole clothes at the concert in Severodonetsk

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova made in the city of Severodonetsk of the Luhansk region, where he presented his Grand show “Queen of the night”. The audience greeted the star with a standing ovation. A lovely evening was marred by the theft of expensive props.

In Severodonetsk unknown stole expensive props — cloak of bullfighter Ukrainian pop star Olya Polyakova. About the artist are reported in Stories Instagram after performing in Severodonetsk.

Полякову обокрали! "Куча денег". Певица в отчаянии рассказала подробности

According to the singer, cloak “worth a lot of money”

Fans supported the star was advised not to worry and promised that the thief will find. It became known later that the cloak was found — someone brought him back.

“Everything! All back to us! Gave me back my flag toreadori! Thank you very much! After all, you know, we really live in a European country. Still, people do not steal. This is nice!” – said Olya Polyakova.

Note that on the way to the concert Olya Polyakova swore on the quality of the road to Severodonetsk on his page in Instagram. She has posted a video which clearly shows Ukrainian roads in all its glory.

Also in the video you can see how the quality of road surface affect the quality of driving in the car, because passengers shakes all the time, to develop more or less high speed not only that, dangerous – impossible. So also many systems on the car wear out much faster from driving on roads full of holes.

Polyakov shared his impressions from this trip “with the wind” and jokingly added that if she had a brain, he has been to the concussion.

Полякову обокрали! "Куча денег". Певица в отчаянии рассказала подробности

“Our favorite topic – the roads of Ukraine. Go to Severodonetsk and almost came a concussion. Well, that’s nothing to shake. How do you fucking, fucking.. you Know what I think? That’s all very, very sad,” – says Polyakov on video.

The singer wrote under the post in Instagram that he was going to visit Severodonetsk in the evening of the same day and shared the success of the concert tour, which was attended by about 16 thousand people per month across Ukraine.


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