Politicians use the purchase DTEK two power companies for political purposes – Korolchuk

Политики используют покупку ДТЭК двух облэнерго в политических целях, - Корольчук

Politicians use the subject of the acquisition of DTEK company “Kievoblenergo” and “Odessaoblenergo” to deny political resonance

This energoexpert Yuri Korolchuk said channel Newsone, report “Ukrainian news”.

According to experts, this agreement would not have any impact on competition in the market and only reduces the influence of Russian companies in the energy market. So strange is the position of some politicians who are criticizing Akhmetov, actually support the Russians.

“DTEK bought the company Kyivoblenergo and Odessaoblenergo the Russian company sun-energy. This company continues to be a major player in the market of Ukraine. So with this gradual withdrawal from the market of Russian companies, it is difficult to objectively work on the Ukrainian market. Because the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, it has not been resolved, he is dragged into the economic plane. Therefore, in any case, sooner or later they still went to the market”.

Thus, according to Korolchuk, statements of some politicians about the alleged strengthening of the monopoly in the market is purely political statements, even after the completion of the transaction, the group VS Enengy will still have a large number of power companies than the DTEK.

“By the way, and different political structures and forces, and representatives from there were opinions that will strengthen the monopolies. But again let me remind you that I said, in the company sun-energy is still 10 companies, power companies and DTEK together with two, Kyivoblenergo and Odessaoblenergo, only 5 companies. So talking about the monopoly, I see more political aspects because there is interest and politicians to a certain resonance, ” said he.

Recall that the AMC at the meeting of April 25, gave permission to the company “DTEK Naftogaz” on the acquisition of 24.99% of shares of PJSC “Kievoblenergo” and 16.77 percent of JSC “Odessaoblenergo”.

The law of Ukraine “On electricity market” operators of the electricity distribution (VSS), which ZAO “Kievoblenergo” and JSC “Odessaoblenergo”, it is forbidden to carry out activities for the supply of electrical energy.