Political scientist Bondarenko: For support the language of the law a number of deputies rooted in political schemes

Политолог Бондаренко: За поддержкой языкового закона рядом депутатов кроются политические схемы

The ambiguity of the situation around the adoption of the language law is that some political forces decided in the shadow of the “linguistic” debate to hold a cunning political scheme

As reported Today, this opinion was expressed by political analyst Kost Bondarenko.

“Striking the fact that your votes gave lawmakers from the UDAR and the two groups of candidates. In parapolitical circles these deputies are usually associated with a group of “gasman” (D. Firtash, Sergei Lyovochkin, Boyko), and experts in the preparation of schemes of relationships are always talking about the invisible threads that connect certain person at a very subtle matter,” – he said.

The analyst recalled prior to the presidential elections in 2014, the talks in Vienna.

“Remember how in 2014, in Vienna Levochkin and Firtash showed how the “invisible thread” connecting them with Vitali Klitschko became outspoken bargaining, which allowed Poroshenko to the presidency?” – said the analyst.

“But, speaking more clearly, Lyovochkin and Boyko played the game. Their affiliated members supported the language law, and has created a very ambiguous situation for the newly elected President, effectively creating a situation of “coercion to peace”, – the expert continues.

According to him, “the gasman” has already proposed their candidates for different positions in the new government, however, surrounded by Zelensky do not accept them.

“This vote is a signal: in the future, with the “gas lobby” have to be careful and respectful. So how many of the adopted law was a real desire to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian language, and much of the political Jesuitism, we can only guess,” – concluded Bondarenko.