Political prizhivalos danyluk is a shame for the President, the Opposition platform of Pro – life

Политический приживалец Данилюк – позор для президента, – Оппозиционная платформа – За жизнь

The Secretary of national security and defense Alexander danyluk called the Chairman of political Council of party “OPPOSITIONAL PLATFORM FOR the LIFE” of Victor Medvedchuk “the threat to the national security of Ukraine” due to the fact that he consistently and actively promoting a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas and fighting for an end to the war

This is stated in the official comments of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE.

Moreover, by his own admission danyluk, by peace plan, which the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE approved and published in January 2019, he does not know!

“The fact that the majority of the representatives of the new government and the old regime, see in the restoration of peace in Ukraine, the threat is already clear to everyone. Understand more of why Alexander Danilyuk decided to have a session of self-exposure of its incompetence and amateurism? Why all of a sudden the officer never noted strategic initiatives and was involved in several minor corruption scandals with offshore money, apartments, I decided to give out scores? For three months of work on the post of the NSDC Secretary danyluk didn’t remember anything, except a couple of interviews and inarticulate quotes. His statement looked like a banal attempt to hide professional the void, incompetence and misconduct, which he “gave” the President Zelensky”, – is spoken in the comment of the party.

The OPPOSITION PLATFORM of Pro – LIFE is recalled that danyluk used the old tactics of political “dependents”, which with the light hand of SCM was added in 2010 to Yanukovych.

“Then danyluk was able to migrate to Poroshenko, with the baggage accumulated by the Committee of economic reforms Irina Akimova portfolio, which he sold to President Poroshenko speculator, and which today danyluk sells now ze command. Due to this, danyluk perched in the administration Poroshenko “court reformer”. However, for a long time to settle down there failed – he was fired in disgrace from the government Groisman for incompetence, hysteria and bureaucratic “wiring”. Is so appreciated former colleagues danyluk his attempts at short-term gain to distort to their advantage and twist the recommendations of the IMF”, – declared in party.

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They are confident that such fake baggage “managerial experience” danyluk “sold” and “we-team” – “a little proagitirovat during the elections and set in a warm chair Secretary of the NSDC”.

“From this position, the new “strategy” began to distribute the assessment “cosmic” about economic problems and policy initiatives, which he really has no idea. On the eve of parliamentary elections from the team Zelensky has made the initiative to hold the lustration of officials who worked under the regime of Poroshenko. This is the case, when the initiative power, it is possible to maintain in respect of such petty criminals as danyluk and similar Abromavicius. Perhaps, then, the restoration of peace in Ukraine will become closer, and the land and state-owned enterprises will not be put “under the hammer”, and will be the basis for the revival of national economy”, – summarized in the comments of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE.