Polina Gagarina shocked subscribers to its thinness

The singer and young mother Polina Gagarina summer vacation decided to stay with the family in Greece. And while celebrity enjoy stunning views of this amazing country and basking in the sun, members all discussing the appearance of the singer.

Always positive and smiling Polina spreads in a personal account Instagram latest photos with guests and fans excitedly commented on them.

So, the other day Polina Gagarina published a picture where she poses in a swimsuit in full view. Tanned Polina looks fresh and fit, but not everyone appreciated the harmony Gagarina. The fact that the photo is noticeably bulging ribs of the singer, it seems that she is too thin.

Even Polina’s husband left a comment about the fact that his beloved “ribs sticking out”. Of course, subscribers Gagarina immediately responded to the wave of negative comments on Instagram.

“This is not nice to anything!”, “Paul, come and eat, lost weight”, “Ribs)))”, “th You so thin?”, “This is anorexia some, but not beauty…” – condemn Gagarin users.
Someone even wrote that this image is reminiscent of photos taken in the death camp Auschwitz.

But there were some fans who liked both the picture and the figure of Pauline. They also expressed their positive emotions about how and creativity Gagarina in the comments to the photo.

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